Monday, September 20, 2010

Cowlick (Catlick?)

The Big Thing:  Back was I was a kid, boys had buzzcuts.  I always had this one "cowlick" where the short straight hair twisted.  No amount of Brylcream could straighten it.  I hated it!  When I was in college, I grew my hair longer and it finally went away.  So I was amused to realize that Iza has a cowlick herself (or would that be a "catlick"?).  Actually, there are 2 of them, close together.

I've watched her lick the spots smooth with great determination, only to have it pop up again soon.  She keeps working at them, but to no avail.  Trust me, I sympathize!  But, alas, it IS also amusing.

So I offer these pictures...

So, I ask the kitties out there...  Should I snip them off or leave them be?  Iza is undecided and wants advice.  On the one paw, she doesn't want rebellious furs.  On the other hand, snipping them might be an insult to her other furs.