Thursday, September 23, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this weeks Garden Tour! 

I got some new flowers bloomin and some old ones doin better.

First, I got these Autumn Joy sedums.  They are strange plants.  The flower buds appear in June but stay green until Fall.  Then they slowly bloom an change from green ta pink ta brick red!
We are gonna plant more of them next year.  They are about 3 feets tall an wide, dont spread around, and are green an healthy all summer long.  The individual flower stems flop a bit, so these are in 2 feet cages.

I am pleased to show off the asters.  They are a really nice pink color an they'll stay covered with flowers until the frost gets them.  So they will be in bloom about 6 weeks!

You may be surprised ta see these goldenrods growin here.  Dont worry, they dont make Beins sneeze.  Its the nasty little ragweed plant what does that.  But they grow in the same places an bloom (tiny little no-see-em flowers) at the same time, so Beins see the goldenrods an blame them!  These are just startin ta bloom.  Next week, they should look like clouds of gold...

And here are the wave petunias.  I know I been showin them all summer, but thats so ya could see how they spread an have lots of flowers.  They got about 2 feets wide.  They've done better before (well not THESE exact ones - they're annuals) but it has been a dry hot summer this year...

Take a look at this poor petunia, fer example.  It was almost dead but managed ta send up one little shoot again.  Thats a shame cuz the striped ones are our favorites!

Now, ya gotta sneak up on this one real careful or it will fly away.  Dont worry, its not a bee.  Its a hummingbird moth!  It can hover just like a hummingbird.  But like all moths, it came from a caterpiller.  Do ya know what the caterpiller is called?
Its the dreaded tomato hornworm!  Thats right, the evil big caterpiller that loves ta eat all the leafs offa tomater plant turns inta this friendly little fellow!

Well, thats all I got ta show today.  As usual, there is niptinis and snacks up on the deck (which bein in the shade now is very nice onna hot afternoon like this!