Monday, October 11, 2010

Laser Eyes Battle

IZA:  Ayla an I are havin a Laser Eyes Battle!  We both been kinna hissy all day.  Its all about yesterday's lap time.  Ayla got on him first and stayed there until he got up.  So I dint get my turn.

So I nibbled her toes in bed last night and she whapped me hard.  We slept on opposite sides of The Big Thing (who thinks the whole thing is very amusin) the whole night.

Then this aftternoon, Ayla headed down ta the basement.  I know her favrit spot down there is up on the frigerator an I ran past her an got up first!  That made her upset (turnabout is fair play). She dint run cuz she dint know I could even get up there.  Well, I had been practicin when she wasnt around!!!

So there I was...

An there SHE was...

We glared at each other fer almost a hour.  TBT finally put a stop to it though.  He said we either make up or he would put our food bowls together for dinner. * GASP*  We dont like that at all!

We made up...

Our food bowls better not be touchin at dinnertime!