Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordy Wensday

That's right!  Words, no pictures.  The Big Thing has been savin Werd Verifications werds and making funs from them.  Today he gave us some ta post...  Since we dint have a better idea fer today, we agreed.

1.  RESTIOL - "Y'all 3 werk on the right side, the "restiol" werk on the left"

2.  OPERTIVE - "A spy"

3.  BACTI - "Tiny little thorny plants that bother microbes"

4.  PROONES - "Regular evacuation fruits"

5.  UNLAGLEP - "Hawkeye's OTHER Mohican friend"

6.  WHINKM - "The brother of Bhlinkum and Nhod"

7.  SUNPIE - "What you get when kitties sit in the bright daylight too long!"

8.  MOGAS - "What the passenger says to the driver when the cops are catchin up"

9.  CATURBIN - "Wearing a kitty wrapped around the top of your head"

We hope YOU unnerstand them.  About 2 made some sense ta us (7 and 9).  The rest were WAY unner our paws.  In fact, we have an urge ta bury them...