Thursday, October 14, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:  Well, its RAININ again today!  OK, the sun is jus comin out, but the grass is long an it is WAY too wet ta go walkin aroun out there.  So, no outside tour this week.

Ah, but INSIDE, I got some stuff ta show!  Stuff that will be put outside during the next week...

First, I have crocus an daffodil bulbs that arrived yesserday. 
There are 150 solid yellow crocuses (and 150 solid purple crocuses to be delivered).  Those are going in the border along the flowerbed.  There are 100 Monal daffodils that will be bright yellow with orange centers, and there are 100 Fragrant Rose daffodils that will be white with orange centers.  It will be neat cause one flowers early Spring and the other flowers late Spring.  So the color will change as the Spring goes by...

Fortunately, those will be going out front, so I dont hafta snoopervize THAT operation.  I WILL watch from the front windersill, though.

Then these Mums showed up a couple days ago.  The Big Thing was sposed ta plant them yesserday before the rain came, but he didnt!  I try an try, but sometimes they jus gotta learn what happens when they put stuff off...
They are 3 yellow Mums an 3 orange Mums.  Im not sure ezactly where he is gonna put them.  But thats his problem.  I jus try ta make sure he does the plantin right.

I wish I couldda shown ya the outside flowers, but we'll hope the weather is better fer that next week! 

But lets go upstairs fer a bit.  Ayla has been preparin the after-tour snacks.  She says there is Nip, real chick-hen, an Nip-flavored water or chick-hen juice ta drink.