Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Werdy Wensday

Oh Bast, there are more Real Werd Verification werds!  We MUST stop him doin this...  Suggestions are welcome.

1.  GEEMISTER - "What The Beaver said when he was apologizin to some adult guy"

2.  OVENIT - "What you do with a whole chicken"

3.  CATSIES - "Grown up kittensies"

4.  NUBYISM - "The love of new bloggers"

5.  UNDIN - "To quiet things down"

6.  LANAB - "French for just before 'LA ARREST'"

7.  ALSTIC - "The commercial brand of the glue that adheres to EVERYTHING!"

8.  UNCHAR - "What you cant do to a burned steak"

9.  DESSI - "What LUCCI calls her husband"

We unnerstood 3 an 8 this time.

Help!  How do we stop him from doing this? Or shouldn't we?