Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is Her Name Pudge or Plunge?

THE BIG THING:    I'm sorry, but I gotta say... 

Iza and I were out in the yard today, and Iza got it in her mind to run up a tree.  Not a big tree like Ayla likes, but a small tree with lots of branches close together.  It's her best practicing tree.

And I will admit that I didn't have a camera with me.  But I had to laugh.  She went right up the tree farther then ever before.  10' high! 

And she didn't know what to do when she got up there! 

She looked all around and tried to turn around on several small branches.  She almost fell out of the tree doing that..

Then she tried to walk down the sloping branches head first.  She almost fell out again, but caught herself on a side branch.  You've seen that iconic cat poster...
That was Iza!  Trust me, her claws are as sharp as Ayla's, so that wasn't the problem.
Ayla can give lessons to squirrels about climbing around a tree.  But the squirrels were laughing at Iza!  She finally managed to SLIDE down one branch head-first until she was about 3' above ground.  Then she simply "dropped".

She did land on her feet. But it seems she went right down onto her belly.  She basically just "flumped" onto the ground.  And she looked grateful for the landing.

I love Iza dearly, but she is never going to be an acrobaticat like Ayla!

But in recompense, I will say that Iza is the most agile toy mouser I've ever seen.  She can keep toy mousies in the air like a person with a badminton racket.  She is really quite remarkable that way.  With her feet on the ground, she's good.

But in a tree?  She is about as graceful as a groundhog (and I saw a groundhog in my mulberry tree once and it basically "flumped" off too when I approached it).

At least Ayla didn't see it...

AYLA:  I saw it from the window...  I almost fell off the windersill laffin!