Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordy Wensday

OH OH!  More Werd Verification werds...  We guess there is no stopping him on this til he gets tired of it...

1.  COOKBEA - The insect that makes the food for the Queen Bea

2.  NOMMA - What nursing kittens call their Mommacat

3.  DEFLY - Tattoo-kitty tellin his boss about the insect".  "De fly, De Fly"!

4.  DEMON - The guy Tattoo-kitty said "De Fly" to.

5.  ABILL - A sad thing ya haveta pay

6.  MICINGS - Appropriate frostings on a kitty cake.

7.  RIGHTLED - Republicans, as opposed to Democrats (LEFTLED).

8.  INPAR - Its a 20' putt for a birdie, it stops 3" short.  It will be a tap INPAR.

9.  OVENI - The casserole was better cooked oveni than stovetopi.

Well, we liked 2 and 6, so we guess we'll let him keep doing this...