Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garden Thursday

IZA:   Sorry there isnt annything ta show.  Evrythin looks mostly the same as LAST WEEK!

However, The Big Thing has started diggin stuff ta plant new things an move others around.  So, I think I will just mark this week as "Under Construction"...
Right now there is just some scraped ground anna few holes.  I'll save it for next week's Garden Tour when stuff is finished an there is actually stuff ta see!

UPDATE:  I see The Big Thing decided to post about the work and plans.   He gets ecited about bare soil and future plans an designs an stuff.  I dont.  I just wanna see the results.  But iffen ya wanna see what he actally did, its HERE.  At least there are pictures, which was more than I thought innerestin ta take.

UPDATE: Another SKEETER is goin over The Bridge.  Please go visit and leave a comment of purrs and friendship...