Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallows Eve Treat Day!

IZA:  Ooh, Im so ecited, tonight Beins will come knock on our door and leave us kitty treats!!!

AYLA:  Uh, no Iza, they come here asking US ta give THEM treats.

IZA:  They want our kitty treats?   Why?

AYLA:  No, the Little Sticky Beins want chocolate.

IZA:  They want us to give them poison?

AYLA:  No Iza, chocolate isn't poison ta Little Sticky Beins, just ta us!

IZA:   So we give them The Big Thing's Van Otis Swiss Fudge?

AYLA:  Only iffen ya wanna be made inta sausage tomorrow!!!

IZA:  Ooh, I don't want that!  So what do we give out?

AYLA:  Candy Corn Crap...  They love it...
IZA:   So we get to at least keep the treats we have?

AYLA:  Yup...

IZA:  What a great Holiday!  Yah, a whole holiday fer us ta keep our treats!..  And get given MORE by visitor Beins!  In exchange for candy corns.  Right?

AYLA:  No.  Arggh!  THEY don't give US treats AT ALL.  Iza, Iza, Iza.. There are times I would trade you for a dead frog!

IZA:  Oh yeah?  Oh Yeah?  Well...  So would I!  Wait...  What?

AYLA:   I try, and I try, and I try, to help her...  ERK!  Say goodnight Iza...

IZA:  "Goodnight Iza".