Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Werdy Wensday

More real weerd Werds from Werd Verification...

1.  OBEWA - The good opponent of Dart Vade.

2.  SODSMEL - The rich full earthiness of good turned soil.

3.  TASTEDGI - And didn't like GI...

4.  SQKBEERP - That awful sound the tree rat makes after drinking too much at the Frat party!

5.  DACROOK - The Chicago Guy the DaCops DaNab after DaChase.

6.  MAKETE - What you do with the bag after the pot boils.

7.  POLOGU - That horse stuff you don't want the polo BALL to go into.

8.  REMAG - To re-up one's subscription.

9.  HOSSEDON- The dinosaur that resembled the biggest Cartwright boy.  (You young ones are forgiven if you don't get this one)