Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Room Change

Well. we gotta surprise today!  No, not a new kittymate.  A room got all changed...

We were just walkin aroun this mornin, an The Big Thing suddenly herded us into the bedroom (yes, he can actually do that).  We were closed in there fer about a hour when the doorbell rang.  We heard strange people in the house, then a lotta bumping around.  It was another hour afore it got all quiet again.

When we came out, things were differnt!  Our guest bedroom useta look like this...
Now, we havent SEEN it that way fer a while.  We useta be allowed in there with sheets coverin the beds, but last year he just decided ta leave the door closed alla time.

So, what did we see when the bedroom door was open?  This...
WOW!  We thought TBT had been robbed.  But it turns out he sold the beds to a lady who needed separate beds for her 2 little sticky beins.  TBT said WE COULD HAVE THE ROOM!  I went in first (Ayla was a bit nervous about goin in).  I looked around.
 Its gotta good window...
 Theres carpet (good fer running around on)
Ayla came in an we looked it over good...
 She discovered it needs ta be cleaned.  TBT agreed ta do that...
So, after TBT agreed ta do some other stuff, we agreed ta take it, with modifications.

First, the carpet gotta be cleaned.  TBT has a machine ta do that, so we're good there.

Second, the windersill gotta be made big enough ta lay on so that we both have nappin room.  He'll do that.

Third, we dont want litterboxes in the room.  TBT says they will stay inna basement.

Fourth, we want more kitty furniture and climbing places.  TBT says thats on his list.

TBT says he does want a storage closet along one wall fer vacuum machines an stuff.  He promises they wont make ANNY noise in there.  OK, we agreed.

He also says the new kitty furniture wont show up overnight.  We agreed ta that, too, but insisted that we see some activity in that direction by the end of this month.  He says he will look for good innernet pictures ta steal designs from. 

So, things could get more fun here soon. 

We're thinking of names for our new room.  We said "Ayla an Iza's Play Room", but he said that was too long ta type and too specific about us.  Well, we know he has been thinkin of adding a new kitty ta the house (not somethin we want, but we dont get ta make those decisions).  He suggested  the "Mews Room".  We're not sure about that one.  Then he tried out "Cat Cafe'".  Meh.  He tried "Frap Palace".  HISS!  Maybe, he asked, "The Cat's Inn"?  That might werk, cuz then the catio could be "The Cat's Out".   ;)

So ideas are welcome...  Oh, and he assured us that he hasnt forgotton the catio, but thats a plan for Spring cuz he may just rebuild the whole deck above it an it is gettin cold outside annyway.