Sunday, November 07, 2010

Not So Easy Sunday

THE BIG THING:  Well, I know you were all happy that we were going to adopt a shelter kitty.  Alas...

It was OJ.  But then the Shelter Gods said he has a bonded brother and suggested Ace.  I went along with that because he seemed nice.  But when I agreed to him, the Gods of the Shelter mentioned that he had to go with his own brother.  I declined that because I want a single cat who will bond with Ayla and Iza.  When THEY suggested another, it turned out they HE was bonded to a brother as well.   I explained to the Gods of The Shelter that they weren't QUITE catching on that I wanted a young single orange/white DSH boycat to bond to Ayla and Iza and then they suggested another orange/white kitty.  Long haired...  I explained I wasn't prepared to adopt a long haired kitty.

No offence to long-haired kittys, but I'm not a brusher.  So then they suggested an older male who likes dogs and "is like one".  Well, I don't have dogs.  Sorry to the dog people but I don't like dogs.  If I wanted a dog, I would have a dog.  And I don't want a cat who is like a dog.  And I do feel sorry for that cat.  But the point wasn't to have an older male cat set in his ways, but rather a playmate to Iza and a friend to Ayla.

The whole process has fallen off the rails.  The Shelter Gods are determined that I will have an older cat who will live unbonded to Ayla and Iza.  They are obliviously focussed and quite frankly, STOOPID.

I'm not trying to be mean here... I know what I want and I was being pulled away from that vision of "catness" slowly but surely.

And I was reminded that the adoption form gave the Shelter Gods the absolute right to come into my house AT ANY TIME and take "their" cat away for any reason.  I'm sorry, I won't allow that kind of control.  So I withdrew my adoption form and I will never deal with the Shelter Gods again.  I just will not permit that.

I do trust that most all shelter people are wonderful and would not actually take a cat away from a good home without good reason.  But their demand that they COULD, without objection, is unacceptable to me.  So the next cat, as all the previous wonderful cats I have shared time with before will NOT come from a shelter.

I will hope that, next Spring, there will be some homegrown orange/white kitten that needs a good Forever Home.  I will give it one.  But I will NOT surrender my right of choice to the Shelter Gods who insist on deciding FOR me, what cat I MIGHT be allowed to have so LONG as they allow it. 

Sorry...  I know this will seem harsh to my very good friends who support shelter adoptions.  I hope that all shelter kitties are adopted too.  But I won't do it under the adoption terms as currently are routine.

One day next year, I will see an ad in the local paper for some young cat or kitten who attracts my attention.  And it will have a wonderful life here.  But it will be free of the Shelter Gods...