Saturday, November 13, 2010

Joint Efforts at Penmanship

THE BIG THING:  I can't help saying...

I've been on the computer for an hour and taking notes on paper.  Iza is sitting on the computer desk and everytime I set the pen down, Iza slowly taps it over the edge...

To where Ayla is waiting on the floor to tap it further under stuff.  That is, of course, when she isn't grabbing it in her teeth and trying to carry it away...

Crazy kitties!  I imagine...

Ayla:  Iza, tap the pen down here, I need to write a letter to the pet store about ordering more treats for us!

Iza:  OK, here it comes.  Plop.

Ayla:  Oh no, he picked it up!  Try again!

Iza:  OK, look, you distract him.

Ayla:  Like jump up his shoulder and purr loudly?

Iza:  Yeah, thats good.  So what's happening?

Ayla:  Um, he seems to be rubbing the pen on my furs!

Iza:  I'll try a distraction...

The Big Thing:  OUCH, IZA!  Pull your claws in!  Plop...

Iza:  Ayla, did ya get the pen?

Ayla:  "Yepptph"

Iza:  What?

Ayla:  Ptui!  Yes.  bat...bat...bat...

Iza:  OK, now knock it over by the one unner the table!

Ayla:  OK, wait, WHAT?  There was a pen already HERE?

Iza:  Well, yeah.  I batted that one off yesserday.

Ayla:  Iza,  If we already had a pen here, why did we need ta go through all that ta get THIS one?

Iza:  Cuz HE was using this one!  Duh!

Ayla:  Iza, do you know what crocodileses are?

Iza:  Well, not perzactly...  Why?

Ayla:  Cuz I'm gonna FEED ya ta ONE!

The Big Thing:  Oh hey girls, you found my pen.  And here's another one!  Thanks for both.

Ayla and Iza:  Waaaaahhhhh!!!

The Big Thing:  Snack Time!

Ayla and Iza:  Oh YAY!  Nom, nom, nom...