Sunday, November 14, 2010

Second Annual Worldwide Moment!

We are offerrin our best 2 pictures.  We love them both SO MUCH and miss them SO MUCH...

This silent minute of this day, we reflect on their lives, remembering the best times, acknowledging the sad ones.  And we also remember the ones who both were AND are here in our daily lives who give us such great happiness.

So, to those who have gone before and those who are here now, we CELEBRATE!

Ayla, Iza, and The Big Thing...

Easy Like Sunday


Ah, it is finally happening!  Serious close nappin for Ayla and Iza. Gee it only took almost 2 years...

 Even some movement doesn't disturb them.
 Walking around with the camera seems OK...
 Now, how do I get into bed?
I guess I'll just stay up a while longer...  What's on the TV at 1 AM?