Saturday, November 20, 2010

For Patches

We dint know Patches really well.  But we are regular visitors to The Big Piney Woods Cats blog.  So we were sad to see Patches first declining, then going over the Bridge.  Losing Skeeter and LC the past 2 years, we know how much it hurts.  We left a message of sympathy of course.  But they are hurting bad.  We all understand that pain of loss.

But we saw that AFSS posted pictures of butterflies because Patches was buried under a butterfly tile.  We think that is an outstanding idea.  So we are gonna post a butterfly picture for Patches here, and we encourage evryone else ta do the same...

Use this one, find yer own, use pictures ya took yerself, whatever.  But lets see butterflies all over the blogosphere for Patches...

"Butterflies are free
Free to come and go
Free to spread their wings
Know that I know
You'll come back to me
Cause love like butterflies are free"

Prowlin Around

AYLA:  Yeah, thats me.  I like to sneak around in stuff.  This is a wine rack.  It doesnt get used annymore cuz there is a whole wine colder next ta it.

But it is fun to walk through,  Yeah, I know the picture isn't perfect.  But YOU try ta walk through one of these things and get a perfect picture...

Iza trips in it.  Heh-Heh!

Heres a better picture of me, BTW!