Sunday, November 21, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

Well today was SUNDAY FUNDAY!  We got this rollertrak months ago, but paid little attention to it.  But it got moved ina our new MewsRoom an alla sudden, we loved it!
 Ya can bat the ball aroun the track...
 It helped us that TBT replaced the heavy ball wif a ping-pong ball.  That's easier ta bat aroun...  It snaps right in.
 We both played wif it...

Ayla taps it gently...
But agily, sometimes back-paws it.  She is good!  She got it over the hump.
 I couldn't do that at first.  I could stretch an bat the ball, but not very strongly.
 I hadda practice at it.
 I finally did, an Ayla followed the ball wif her nosie.
 She batted it REAL hard an it got over the hump again. 
 I tried ta stop it. but it was real fast.  The track fooled me, I thought the ball would go straight.  But it went OVER the hump again.  DRAT!
TBT:  Iza is good at shoving the ball over the hump.  She gets her paw under the ball and pushes it over.  Ayla can hit the ball so hard it gets over the hump on its own.  And Iza hasn't quite figured out where the ball is when it goes under the hump.

The important part is that neither played with it at all until I moved it into the new MewsRoom! Something good happened there...