Monday, November 22, 2010

New MewsRoom Thing!

Oh wow, we gotta HOUSE in our MewsRoom!  Seriously, a cute little puurfect house of our own!

The Big Thing found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  He was there fer somethin else, but there it was...

 Yeah, we see the little doggie on the box.  Don't worry about that.  This thing is great fer us kitties!
 TBT set it up on the floor, we went right in...

It was love at first sight!
I curled innit and purred straight out!

When it was moved ta the MewsRoom, it was even better!   I sat inside fer a while...

 Then Ayla had her turn inside.  She said it was "GREAT!"

 But I took it over again.
This is a great place ta deflect pouncies too!  Ayla tried ta come around wif a pounce and I dint hafta even move.  I LOVE this new little house!
So we got the rollertrack and the little kittie house in here now.  We are pawsitively palpititatin ta see what shows up here next!  TBT has made promises, and so far, he is doin good. 

An dont worry, we both took a turn nappin in there...  We share (sometimes).