Friday, November 26, 2010


Well, it wasnt the fanciest Thanksgiving Dinner.  Some years are better than others.

We dint have a turkey with mashed taters an gravy like most years.  This year, TBT wanted to make holindays sauce ta go with Ham an sparagus.  That dint werk.

He ate all the sparagus the day before an dint have any turkey parts like he planned.  So he dint wanna go to the grocery store Wensday cuz he hates the long lines.

So we had real ham wif cheese sauce on broccoli, baked squash, and some weerd onion/pepper/mushroom mix.

We weren't thrilled. but we made the best of it.  We sat on both sides of him and got constant bits of ham fer almost an hour.  Then after, we got our 3RD Stinky Goodness of the day.  That was great.  Soulistic shredded chic-hen has become our favorite.

Later at night, we got a nother treat.  TBT had a piece of steak he had not ruined wif spicies!  He made thin slices of it all on 2 plates.  His, he spiced up.  Our little plate, he dint.

Then he warmed them in the radio-active thing

(TBT, the M/V, for like 10 seconds)

Yeah that weerd warmer thing.  But only barely warm fer us.  You now what we mean, mouse temperature...

So we got steak late!!!

We both sat on his lap an the chair arms getting the steak bits.  We fell asleep there too, touchin each other.  We love ta do that when TBT doesn't have a camera wif him...  MOL!

Good time...