Saturday, November 27, 2010

Subtle Iza

The Big Thing:  I usually eat dinner at a tray while watching TV.  Iza knows this is prime toy-tossin time.  She often plays fetch with the toys.

But sometimes I get distracted by the TV or my dinner and forget to see if she is still looking for more toys.  When that happens and she still wants to play (or resume playing), she has a way of reminding me quietly...

I'll happen to look down and see that she has very carefully placed a toy on my foot.  She never does that when we are actively engaged with toy-tossing.  At those times, she just drops the toy next to me.  This on-the-foot trick only happens when I've stopped paying attention!

Clever girl...

Added at 2 am:  This is so cool.  I am at the computer, with Ayla sitin next to me on the desk, and I can hear Iza playing with the rollertrak in the MewsRoom like crazy for the past hour! I won't try to take a picture, because she stops doing that kind of stuff when I turn on any light.  But it is so great just hearing the sounds of the playing.  TBT