Monday, November 29, 2010

Poof Attack!

IZA: A few days ago, when the weather was still a little nice an TBT was out werkin in the yard, I joined him, as I often do.  Usually, I just snoopervise, but sometimes I wander through the plants away from where he is werkin.  Seriously, shovel stabs and cat tails dont go well together...

So I was wanderin around near but not "undershovel" when I was surprised suddenly.  I POOFED!
 I dont do THAT very often.  Fer one thing, I have a very short tail.  Ayla kids me about it often (more about THAT someday).  But fer me ta LOOK poofed I hafta be REALLY poofed...
 I was REALLY poofed! 
The strangest thing is that I cant esplain ta TBT WHY I poofed.  I cant claim a skwerl or even frog, I cant claim a surprise smell.  I cant even claim a scary noise that TBT couldnt hear (though that would have been a good idea if I had thought of it then - how would he disprove it?).

No, it was just a randomated poof.  A GOOD ONE, but stiff just a causeless poof.

Does that ever happen ta you?