Tuesday, November 30, 2010


AYLA:  Yay!  Its Cats 101 time!  I love watchin this show.
  There are KITTYPLAYS!
There are big white kittens who play red dot just like we do!
And Bigger white cats!
And there are crazy Tuxies who like Sticky Beins!  Yeah, srsly!  Here's PROOF!  An just LOOK at the pawstompers on the one...  I almost had an accident!!!
This here is a big one that runs aroun a lot.  I'm lookin at the birdie he is chasin!
Ah, I'm not sure if this one is comin or goin!
FUNCATS!  I am droolin over that sisal rope tower thing...
I think I'm in love...
Yep, nothin better on TV than this...  I can even read "Domestic Shorth".  Don't know that breed...
ACK, no, not the NEEDLE!!!
Oh, he was an actor.  No kitty got shot in this episode!  Whew!!!