Friday, December 03, 2010

Ad Alert

Please dont ignore our post about exchanging Crissymouse cards earlier today (previous post), but we got a email we wanted ta talk about.

Some commercial business is namin some of us "Top 50 Cat Blogs".  We've seen this before an wanta warn ya about them.  Its an ad campaign.  The html code has links ta a bidness.  And we dont mean a bidness what sells ya foods or toys that ya need.  No, this bidness wants ta suck up money from poor desperate Beins.  They are, in our opinion, fake schools.

Dont fall fer the awardies, dont fall fer the code they offer, tell them to DROP DEAD.  If you getta email from [Guide to Online Schools'] either ignore it or reply telling then to GO AWAY!

Ayla and Iza

Chrissymouse Cards

1.  If you got a card from us last year and haven't moved, ya will get one this year. 

2.  If ya got a card from us last year and moved, we need yer new address,    Ya can send that to us at "marksmews-2118 at comcast dot net".

3.  If yer kinna new ta us an want a card, let us know at "marksmews-2118 at comcast dot net".
We love ta send cards.

Did we miss anything?

Oh, we dint move.  So our address is same as like forever.

Ayla and Iza