Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I Play Wif Toys Too!

AYLA: OK, I unnerstand that I dont play wif toys as much as Iza does.  Or with TBT as much as Iza does.  But I DO play wif toys...
 I just do it less often.  But when I do, I go nutso!!!
TBT knows when I'm in the mood, in the groove, in that way, ready to play, after the mousies, around the housie, get it down, on the ground, anxious ta play, ready ta say, let me attem, gonna catchem, lookin fer fun, feelin young, on my way ta catch them, YAY!
Reachin down, pawin around, fallin up, feelin down, grabbin this, grabbin that, lookin on shoes, lookin in hats, I'm a grabbin in the air extra-ordinaire, or searchin in tha closets I dont care.  I grab mousies right, I grab them left, anny old way I can grab them best, HEY!
And thats just the inside toy-mousie world. When I was allowed out, I was the Alien (like in the movie) of the real mousie world.  They never knew where I was or would be.  They would wander out ta fix their holes and I would scoop them right up, unkown, undetected, unseen, terror from above, and THEY couldn't even make a movie of the terror of me....  I was the deadly rumor of fear at night in the least suspected places, and they did not live to the end of THEIR movie.

And someday, I will get outside again and remind the new generations of what their ancient ones feared most!  Bwa-Ha-Ha...

IZA:  Uh,  TBT?  Can I sleep in the garage tonight?  In the car wif the doors locked?  You might want to too.