Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Oh Bast!    Look at THIS!    Its our Chrissymouse present.  We got it early cuz TBT couldn't figure out were ta hide it.  He set it up today.

 Lots of pictures of us as it as constructed.  I snoopervised the connections.  He did good.

I looked out from the inside.  Serisly, I was SO ecited I was in it while TBT was still assemblin it!
And my tail escaped.  MOL!  Really, every step of the way.  I even pawed at his hands while he was putting bolts in!
I was was so excited as TBT was buildin in it.   I jumped init each stage!
The hanging toy is GREAT!
I attacked it!

There are TWO hanging toys!
The outside of the boxes is good too.

Oh,yeah, the tops...  Thud!
Lots of places ta play!
 I finally let Ayla on it...

 She is the Climbin Kitty!

She went straight ta the top!  Sadly, we dint get THAT picture.

She likes the boxes too!