Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Werdy Wensday

Its Werdy Wensday again. ..

1.  Swani - "How I love ya, how I love, my dear old Swani".
2.  Mienest - That neighbor cat is the mienest cat we ever met...
3.  Ovencrol - Reachin in ta clean out the oven.
4.  Tuesist - That kitty only blogs once a week.  A real Tuesist...
5.  Syndin.  Artificial noise music.
6.  Tweema - A Mom who squeals seeing cute kitty pictures.
7.  Antrub - Rollin in the anthill for the pleasure of little ant nibbles...
8.  Derase - To un-erase.
9.  Dowsec - The length of time it takes a stock to drop in price on bad news.