Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nip Leafs

AYLA:  We got Nip Leafs today.  We have ta be careful of them cuz the plant TBT brought inside a few weeks ago doesnt have many.  But he is growin cuttings from it so we will have lots more soon.  But fer right now, each leaf is important...

Iza rolled away from hers, but was watchin it carefully so I wouldnt grab it an run.
Here I am bein equally careful of mine.  I have it up on the TV table an I am watchin Iza real cautious.
She kinna "Nipped out", so I can relax a bit myself...
Then she wandered off an left the room, so I brought my leaf down ta the floor to enjoy it in peace.  It IS a bit loud sittin right next ta the TV!
All hail to the Nip plant!