Friday, December 24, 2010

Chrissymouse Eve 2010

Dear Sandy Claws -

We know ya will be busy tonite, so we wanna help a bit.  We have so much.  The house has toys all over, we got cat trees ta climb, we got treats, we even have fresh Nip.  Goodness sakes, we have our own ROOM now.  So, ta make it easier for you, ya dont hafta stop here tonite.

And we're makin a special request.  Iffen there is annythings in your big bag what is meant for us, we wanna ask that you deliver them to the local kitty shelter.  The kitties there need it a lot more than we do.

And iffen ya get the chance, could ya please take some of those poor kitties and deliver them ta GOOD homes with nice Beins?  Or at least leave a kitty toy in GOOD catless houses ta make the Beins think about adopting one?

Thank You,

Ayla and Iza