Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 Oh Bast, we botched a post!

Well, actually for TBT.  And we are SO embarassed that we dint post on this before.  Because we THOUGHT we had an we DINT!  Well, actually, we did, but TBT set it for 31st when he meant 21st!  We JUST noticed that!

So let us show ya the great stuff that Natalie sent us.  COOKIES!  OK, Bein type cookies not fer us, but WE get treats evrytime TBT eats one.   An we watch him very carefully about that.  The deal is that we get about a pawcount of dry treats (our favrits) each cookie he eats.   

So he eats a "Berry Thumbprint" cookie, and we get some treats.  He eats one cinnamon ball, and we get a few more treats.  So here is the enjoyment!

The box arrived!
 TBT opened it and saw COOKIES!

There were TWO containers!

TBT put some in his FANCIEST bowl for eating.  Williamsburg cobalt blue...  He only uses that stuff fer special occasions...
He loved them!  And we think we got more treats that night than anny day before...

Thank you SO MUCH Natalie.  We are SO SORRY we were late getting this posted.  Good thing we happened ta look back and noticed!  We would have felt just awful...  Scarlet and Melly and Natalie are such GOOD friends!