Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Hey there,  welcome to tadays Garden Tour!  Lets go out an see what we have...
I have lots to show.  Some of the things I showed LAST week have gotten WAY better. 

These crocuses, fer ezample...  The alternatin purple and yellow colors are at their peak, dontya think?

And see THESE with the tulips.  They are very good right now.  Well, they could have been open more, but ya know these diva flower types...

This is a real beuty.  All pale yellow like tastey butter in the warm sun and OH, sorry,!  Ahem...
Here is a whole clump of them.  
Some need dividin.  I'll have ta get at TBT about that.  We got one clump what has eleventy hundred shoots an only 4 flowers.  That aint right!

I like this.  2 color hyacinths and some daffs.  They were planted that way by accident, but they LOOK nicel. 
I like the hyacinths in the woods.  They aren't bein as upright as usual, but they are doin their best so lets give them a round of tapped paws!  Smell them too.  Arent they great?
Well, that's about it fer today.  Rumor says we will have Astilbes, Coreopsis, an Oriental Lillies startin ta show next week, an we MAY get a peek at the seed startin shelf with little-bitty veggies and annual flowers growin!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Werdy Wensday

AYLA:  Scratch, scratch, scratch!
My favrit day!  Let's see what we have on the list...

1. Disox - The Yankees annual hope...
2. Recer - To happen again.
3. Metype - Tarzan's first words at secretary school.
4. Runboo - The Casper The Ghost 5K.
5. Redoe - The buck meets the lady deer a 2nd time.
6. Outhe - I surprised Marley inna box and "outhe" ran.
7. Ancer - Give the correct response.
8. Mensands - The guy didn't shave before he kissed his lady.
9. Neonesse - A brightly glowing curved letter.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Squiggle Shoe Wars

THE BIG THING:  Well, last night was apparently shoe wars part 2,  The Squiggle War!

I suppose I should be getting used to it.  At least their claws don't get through my shoes.

It always occurs when I am TRYING to eat dinner ( a GOOD one, BTW)!
I didn't put the green squiggle there, and I don't know who did.  I suspect it was Iza, because she does carry them around and deposit them on my shoes.  But Marley has shown an interest in them too and he LOVES to carry toys around.  
Marley is more aggressive about toys on my feet.  Maybe they smell good to him.   My shoes, I mean.
 But Iza does love the squiggles, so I can't be too sure.
Marley is winning here..  But Iza carried it off at the end.  In fact, I found it on the bed next to her when I crawled under the blankets.  I think she was just humoring Marley's idea of possession.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bag Surprise

AYLA:  We all like bags.  So when I saw a good bag sitting upright on the floor yesserday, I decided ta hop in and curl up. Its a sturdy kind TBT often puts out for us.  Imagine my surprise when it turned out ta be full of newspapers for tadays recycling!
I decided ta sit there annyway.  In protest!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  For Easy Like Sunday today, we wanna show ya all our (sorta) new collars.  Well we had them a few weeks, but TBT couldn't get good pictures til today.  So we are chillaxin with the new collar PICTURES!

Ya see, Iza an me had nice solid color collars before, with buckles.  But Marley showed up wif a fancy chocolate-color break-away one and we was feelin "PLAIN".  Not that its HIS fault.
So we kinna agitated TBT fer fancy ones fer ourselfs.  Ya may have noticed them afore, but we wanna show them off now.

Izas is a lovey hearts type.  The red fits her.  Im not so sure about the hearts.  Well mebbe.  Shes more laid back than SOME BEINS (like TBT) think.
I has this pretty bloo collar.  It just has ta be bloo or purple cuz Im a certified Princess.  I loses them buckle kind a lot an these new ones stay on better.  This one has waves and seashells on it.  Like in "Ayla shoves seashells at sailors when she sees seashells at the shellshore."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

King Of The Hill

IZA:  I'm King of the Hill!  Marley made his best effort, but when I start up there, I'm pretty much undownfromthereable! 

He sure tries, though...

I gotta watch him too.  He gained his 8th pound today!!!  Just a few weeks ago, he was matching Ayla at 6 pounds and he aint a fat cat!  Im 12 pounds and TBT says he may catch up to me this Fall.

That aint gonna be good!

Ahem!  So I better teach, er "convince" him who is boss real fast.  Or mebbe I can get him ta eat tofu.  THAT would slow his growin down...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Marley Been in the Hidey Hole

Ok, OK, I'm comin out.  Bast, cant a fella get some "away" time?  Its not like I was chased in here...
[TBT:  Yes you were.  I dropped a big pot on the floor and you scrabbled into the hidey hole like all the ghosts in Heck were after your tail]

Ahem, well, never mind why I was in there.  Sometimes I just like the enclosed feelin.  And I DID have several toy mousies in there with me.  Ya cant feel too alone with mousies around ya.  Especially the sisal ropey ones, ya know?

[I tossed those mousies in there to calm you down]

But it is lunchtime, so here I am.  Ready.  Willing.  Hungry...

[You didn't come out until I shoved a food bowl right to the opening and pulled it out as you approached it.]

Ack, I get no mercy today...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Garden Thursday Tour

IZA:  Well, I got some nice things ta show ya all this week! 
But outside!  Follow me...

The crocuses on the lawn have about all gone away.  But the new ones TBT planted in the flower border are just blooming!  They are lovely.

He did a cool idea (I think, at least) and planted blue clumping fescue all along it.  An in between them, he put alternatin patches of solid purple and solid yellow crocuses.

And the crocuses are bloomin...

They are gonna multiply next year and bloom more at the same time.  That will be great!

There are also some tulips I wanna show off.  They were just free additions to an order he placed fer the crocuses, but they look nice.
Two patches of them...
They will only bloom for a couple years here, but nice while they last!

Meanwhile, I have something ta show out front.  Now, unnerstand I dont go out there much, but TBT is here with us for safety.

Ya may amember that TBT planted 100s of daffodils out there last Fall.  Early ones an late ones.  Well, the early ones are comin up!  They might bloom by next week.  The late ones are just breaking through now.  They will probly bloom in 4 weeks.  There are crocuses there now.  Or were; they are fading fast.
It looks differnt from up here on the steps, doesnt it?

The bricks are where new Hostas will go next month.  As the daffodils fade, the hostas will grow.  That whole area is filled with hostas of various leaf colors of blue, green, and cream.  Wont that be nice?

Ayla says she has a special buffet of canned toona, seafood medley, and Evo chicken on the deck, and we have POND WATER ta drink this week (there is reglar water available too) .  There is some fresh Nip in the Mews Room...

Marley says he is ready for THoE annytime.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordy Wensday

Another Wordy Wensday Day ta enjoy...

1.  CHEEZ - The sound we hear just afore the *click* and FLASH!!!
2.  PINGSHWE - The art of organizin Table Tennis boards for best effect.
3.  ANTLYZ - False werds some bugs say to grasshoppers about how much food they have stored.
4.  BUSTO, the youngest brother of Popeye's enemies Brutus and Bluto.
5.  STSUPEN - The Patron Lady of Dinners.
6.  PREDCO - THE place to shop for your favorite little carnivore!
7.  THOSE - Lispy Kitty's name for the little things that stick out of her paws.
8.  COSAP - Your equally stupid gullible business partner.
9.  FORDISOR - The place where they build cars in Middle-Earth.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Well, its allus me on Tummy Tuesday.  I'm the tummy one here!

I LOVE my tummy sunlighted!
 Stretchin in sunshine on my shoulders is so GOOD...
When is the Tummy Olympics startin?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mancat-In-Training Monday

MARLEY:  Im just enjoyin the day, friends...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA AND IZA:   After havin a good breakfast an then crunchies fer our mid-mornin snack, we all had some rousing good THoE chases.  But we are tired and Marley is not!  So we decided ta lounge around with each other this afternoon! 

We hadda pick a spot where there is only room for two.
Marley would be welcome, but he is too squirmy when he is all werked up!
So we are makin sure the otto man is all used...
And, of course, washin is required after all that runnin around!
Marley can go lookin around fer a squirmin spot where he wont disturb us.  We are hopin TBT sits down somewhere that will attract Marley to him!
Have a chillaxin day evryone...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Up High

AYLA: I've mentioned a few times recently how much I like high places, and some kitties have asked about my highest indoor places and whether I can get up on doors.  So I went back in the photos fer my best examples.

One of the things I like best is ladders!  This is the tallest one in the house.
I like bein up on this door alot.  Iza cant even get on the shoe rack next ta it, never mind the door itself.  Im a little worried about Marley though.  He is pretty fearless climbin up the cat tree and I saw him on the middle shelf of the shoe rack the other day.  I hope he doesnt get much better at climbin!
 An speaking of the shoe rack, the top of it has become my favorite nappin place.  TBT put some heavy-duty cardboard in the space between the shoes.  I was gettin up there without it, but it IS easier now.  I jump straight ta the cardboard from the bed below.  
I WAS nappin directly on the shoes, but TBT added my bloo towel from the box on the floor.  Its MUCH more comfy now...

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Marley Crawl

MARLEY:  I like lap-nappin with Iza!  Shes WARM.  In fact, the more of her I can get on, the warmer it is.  So I do "The Marley Crawl"!  At first, I am jus next to her...
Then I start edging up her back.
 Jus a little at first...
 Then more
And more...
Drat!  I woke her up.  She says I am too heavy to be a blankie!
So I apologize by grooming her unner the chin.  She really likes that.
I'll have ta be more stealthier next time!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day Celebration Event

In honor of this glorious day, we decided to make up a celebration event (well, The Big Thing did, but we agreed to it).  We are calling it "Kitty Headbutt"or "Kitty Bumpercars".  It works like Sumo Wrasslin.  The object is ta shove the opponent off the field of battle, but it has ta be all 4 paws.  The difficulty is that ya have ta keep yer nose touchin the surface...

Here is the Green Field of Battle!  Its Skeeter's Gizzy Quilt.  In honor of the event, TBT transferred it to Marley (orange cat to orange cat)!
First, we tried it out in pairs.
Marley an Iza:  Iza won...
Marley and Ayla:  Marley won...

The Iza an Ayla contest was over too fast ta take a picture of...  Iza is the clear favorite for the Final.  The bookies will hardly even take odds against her!

So we came ta the grand battle.  All 3 head-to-head.  There was some manuverin fer position...
To the crowd's shock, Iza accidently stood up ta see where Ayla was, so she furr-fitted!
That left Marley an Ayla.  Ayla swerved an mavuvered...
But it was too late.  She already had 3 paws off the mat and a firm headbutt defeated her.  Marley wins!  He celebrates his victory with an upraised roar to the crowd...
And is adorned with the Green Cape of Victory!
After the event, all were refreshed with a fine dinner of Duck Stinky Goodness!