Thursday, June 30, 2011

Box Day!

We almost decided to pass on the box pictures, but TBT fancied up a box and tossed in some toys.  So we agreed ta participate...

It was NOT the box we agreed on, but we agreed with TBT we wanted ta keep THAT box a secret fer a  while...  We will esplain about that later.

 No. we were NOT treating it like a litterbox...

 The box...
 Simple "In The Box" pic...

 Marley digs deep looking fer "something"
 Iza waits her turn.
 Exploration is good!
 Sitting pretty!
 Iza checks out the box.
Doing a swirly in the box!
Checking it for size.
Marley looking for space in the box.
Marley waiting for Iza ta leave.
 Still waiting!!!
 His turn again...
Active Marley!

 Getting bored...  Jumping out...

Oh BTW, the Thursday Garden Tour will be on Friday this week!  Today being Box Day an all that...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Werdy Wensday

Ok, we collectin seventy eleven billion of them by now of them.  But here are 9 good ones...

1.  Reedisms - Smart/long/annoying explanations by Mr Fantastic.
2.  Decur - "The dog, the dog..."  By tatoo to the, um, bigger guy when the woofie came off the plane.
3.  Undel - Undo a "delete".  Something ya wish ya could do but can't.
4.  Pieduck - What ya use when ya are out of blackbirds.
5.  Squabs - Alternate pie birds
6.  Tourair - Fly inna plane.
7.  Taters - Not good pie fillings but great with lots of butter.
8.  Herize - A bad way to start out ANY sentance to yer wife/GF/SO.
9.  Retron - That evil transformer that sends you back to teenage years of acne an awkward  dates.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tailess Tuesday

We saw this guy outside today.  We THINK his name is George.  We couldnt catch him.
We didnt get his tail either...  If you are missing a George, please let us know an we will yell at him ta go home...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Oh kitties, was I ever havin fun!  I heard a noise in the living room an found my big green rat there.   So I played with him a long time!

I tried draggin him away behind the table...
In front...
He escaped me a couple times...
 But I grabbed him right back again...
Ya can see I was puttin the bitey on him in the right places!

He still kept fightin ta get away.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Easy Like Sunday


Doesn't get much better than this.

 3 way touchin...
 A little scatter-relaxin later...
 But we are back together soon.
An we slept that way the whole late morning!
But we wont promise ya see it too often, either, TBT kinna woke us up with the flashy box...  But he rolled over in the bed an dint bother us much...

[TBT: And no, there was no drugs or Nip involved.  But one of these pics might make a good banner some day...  I'm just admiring them napping all together.  I just LOVE seeing them sleeping together like this.  Have a Great Easy Sunday all!!!

I just woke up and saw this.  Is there anything better?  This is why I bring the camera to bed...]

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Caturday

Marley an Iza:  Nappin Day...
We DO love our nappin.
 Iza us better at than I am though.  Well, she IS older an more esperienced at nappin...
I'm werkin on it...  I nap below her an watch her at it.  I'm learnin lots...  I bet one day I nap even better than SHE does!  Oh, OK, I HOPE I do.  Shes a champ at it an hard to beat.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Good Wash

IZA:  SOME  days are just good fer cleanin, ya know?

The left paw...
 The right paw...
 Tongue werk...
 Thats about as good as it gets...
 Both paws are SO CLEAN...
I'm not sure what ta clean next.  Face is clean, flanks are clean,  Mebbe should do the butt.  But not right now...  It Feels clean.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

Well, its got hot here lately, so some of the plants are just hanging on ta their flowers or waitin ta make new ones.  But we got some ta show...

These are the biggest daylillies we got, so they wait the longest ta bloom.  I expect they will be at their best fer next weeks tour, but it is fun ta see flowers all wrapped up sometimes.

Here are some of the smaller lillies still in bloom.  They aint quite done yet.  See the bud in the back not opened yet?
The stokesia are still bloomin nicely.  Thats over a week now.  They are one of my favrits!
See how pretty and lacy they look close up?  I like that in a flower!
The veronica are still bloomin too.  They last a while cuz they open the tiny flowers gradually from the bottom upwards.  It would be more impressive if they opened all at once, but then they wouldnt last as long, would they?  At least, this way, they stay in bloom fer several weeks!
An since we are goin up on the deck ta get snacks, take a look at the moon beam coeopsis.  Its in a container and there arent many left there, but they sure have a nice little flower.  Another container has more plants, but less sunlight, so it will bloom inna week or two.
Now lets see what Ayla and Marley have come up with as snacks.  Oh wow!  Ham an Chicken leftovers from her birfday party (frozen then thawed out today, TBT assures me).  Oh Bast, the stuff is warmed.  Nom away...  I think there are Niptinis and milk coming too.