Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We are havin a nice Easy Sunday here.  Ive had BETTER ones, but Im actally OK. 

We started out with a good breakfast.  This was "Spot's Stew, Chicken Flavor".  We like it, but it has vegebles innit, so there is allus a little pile of clean peas and some carrot left in the bowls when we are done.
The inflatable collar doesnt make it hard ta eat, like those cones.  Here is a closeup.
Later, TBT brought the roller track into the living room.  It allus makes it more innerestin when toys show up in new places.
We all went straight for it, even though it sat in the MewsRoom all ignored fer a couple weeks.
Iza was first at it...
But Marley took a turn, too.
In this action shot, Marley blurred the picture by shoving the track as he pawed around unner the high part.
Naturally, we will be nappin all afternoon. 

Have a nice Easy Sunday evryone...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thanks For All The Good Wishes

AYLA:  I just wanted to tell everyone how MUCH I appreciated all the comments of concern and healing purrs I have received this past week!  It meant so very much to me ta read them all (several times).  I know I would NOT have come through all this as well without the good wishes and healing purrs from all my friends!
My special thanks to Mom ML and KC for the wunnerful graphic they made and posted on the CB, and to those of you who posted that and/or links to my blog.  I received good wishes from old friends, from kitties (and Beins) I know OF but have seldom met, and from kitties (and Beins) entirely new ta me. 

Thank you each and evry one!

I hope ta get back ta visiting my friends tonight or tomorrow.

Thinking Back Through

I don't know why this showed up as Saturday, I posted it Thursday.   And there is a newer post below this one.  TBT

THE BIG THING:  First, and most important, Ayla is feeling almost normal this morning.  At least she is eating and drinking better, and she is walking around normally.  She is even hopping up on stuff.  I wish she wouldn't but I can't figure out how to stop her.  There is no room in the house that doesn't have SOMETHING to hop up on, and that is her passion.

Now, to look at the various vet visits with fresh eyes and more information.  I am calmer know, and have more information.  Part of what I am trying to do is heal myself from the fear in the events and trying to see where I misunderstood events.  I am not without some blame in all this...

I don't want anything I have posted to reflect badly on Dr. Miller, my regular vet.  My only cause of concern was that Ayla seemed to be bleeding the 1st night after the operation.  He explained that this was the 3rd cut through the same spot and scar tissue does not hold together as well.  He said that, had he known of the seepage, he would have advised me it was not an emergency and could wait til morning.  Apparently, it was some internal bleeding plus some internal bodily fluid.  Given that, he gave me his home phone number for future concerns.  I doubt he gives out his home phone number lightly.  He also expressed his regret on not warning me about the possibility. 

And I should have realized it was not mostly blood.  It wasn't sticky!  If I had simply been asked about bodily fluids seeping through an incision in an office discussion, I would have said it was "sera".  Yes, really.  But I saw red on my shirt and hands, from MY cat, and in THAT context red=blood!

The ER Vet is an oddly detached person and a bit strange, but I may have been more angry than I should have been.  Detachment isn't a good approach to dealing with upset pet owners, but perhaps his talent IS staying detached in emergencies.  I'm still thinking that part through.

Given that MY vet explained (the next day) that sera seepage is not very unusual in scar tissue incisions, I have to consider that the ER vet decided the situation was not  quite so urgent and could stand some observation, and finally deciding is was bad enough to require some bandaging after checking on Ayla for an hour.  And for all I know, he had worse cases to deal with back in the operating area.  There are always some things one does not know

I am a forgiving person.  not "forgive and forget"; I do NOT forget.  But I do forgive when new information or insights gives me a reason.  No one is perfect, no matter how expert they are.  There are many examples.  Scientists ruin an experiment because they read metric as inches.  NASA contractors install a simple altimeter upside down and the satellite crashes.  A top surgeon reads an x-ray upside down and removes the wrong kidney.  The most talented humans aren't perfect! 

I wonder what it is like to work ER situations?  All you see is misery.  And you have to just keep functioning and doing your best in the face of that.  I couldn't do it.  I cry every time I see a notice that another cat has gone over the Bridge.  Policemen mostly see criminals; if most of the people you dealt with each day, what would YOU think of "most people".

Now, I want to mention the positive aspects of the past few days...

I am so pleased with Dr. Miller's initial operation on Ayla.  He 1st and immediately ruled out urinary tract infections because they would have been easiest to deal with) and went to the reproductive issues.  He was correct.  I did not know at the time, but as soon as he saw the remnant uterus infection, he knew there was still an intact ovary.  He explained yesterday that only an attached ovary can cause that infection.  I have NO idea why, but I think I will research that soon.  Just to know...

Dr. Miller and every one on his staff show an abundance of caring about both the pets they care for and the people they live with.  It's not faked.  I worked in government office too many years to be fooled be fake sincerity.  They care!  When Ayla was out of the initial surgery Tuesday, I asked if they could take turns holding her for pictures.  They jostled each other for their turn with Alya, even Dr. Miller.  And I have never seen the slightest annoyance on their part with the loudest barking dog or most scratchy cat.  They not only accept it, the appreciate them all for what they are.

And I must say the same for the ER staff (well, the one lady who was there).  She obviously had computer work to do, but she talked to me as long as I wanted.  When I mentioned I blogged, she asked me for the URL and went and looked at it.  We had a great time looking around my blog.

It is possible that she was just really professional at distracting pet owners, but I know fake when I see it.  She was actually interested.  She didn't seem to know about pet blogs.  We stopped only when the 2 guys came in with their "dead or dying" dog.  I was upset when she said "group or individual (or whatever the exact quote was).  Looking back, she went suddenly cold toward them.  It makes me think now that they were regular customers.  Because they immediately said "group".  The difference in cost was only $20 ($89 group cremation, $119 single cremation).  My thought was that if they actually cared, I would give them the $20!  I don't understand that part at all, but there can always be internal personal dynamics that no one else understands.

After they left quickly, the desk manager lady whisked the dog into the back rooms, returned and we started talking again.  But she wasn't as cheerful.  I even said "they don't care, do they"?  She didn't answer.  She didn't have to.  Silence is an answer.

When the ER vet came out after 2 hours, he said that she was bandaged to stop the bleeding (well, that was the desciption I brought her there for), and said she should be all right, but that I should bring her to my regular vet after 5 hours which he knew was opening hours for my regular vet.   The part about charging "storage" if I waiting more than another 5 hours was real.  That was CRUEL and indifferent.  The ER vet is NOT off the hook for oddity and uncaring.  But maybe I understand a little more about that existence.

I am still angry about the ER treatment, it is WAS bad, but it may not been as bad as I initially thought in my anger and frustration.  There is room for forgiveness, maybe 30%.  The ER was better than NOTHING!  It got us through the night, and that was the most important thing to me at the time.

Sure, Dr. Miller knew Ayla wasn't in real danger, but I didn't.

I saw some offers to help with the vet expenses.  They were substantial, but we are fortunate that we can manage those.  But thanks for all offers.  The offers mattered, and we are very touched.  Thank you.  But others need help more than we do.

Friday, July 29, 2011

My Surgery Adventure

AYLA:  Well, now that all the fuss is over, I have some happy pictures from right after the first infection/spay operation on Tuesday (before all the other stuff happened).  I just wanted ta make sure NOT ta ferget ta post them.  Dr Jeffrey (Miller) and his staff were so great (as usual).

Here I am in the PTU (Prisoner Transport Unit) ready ta go home.
This is my good friend Dr Jeffrey.  He takes such good care of me!  Even when I dont like it.  He is good!
He is SUCH a nice Bein.  See that smile, its real.  I can tell.
 An see the ladyperson there?  She cares for me too.    Just look at how nicely she is looking at me! 
There was a lady in red there yesserday who just kept telling me what a sweet kitty I am.  I love her too, but (sadly), she wasn't here fer pictures today.

This is TBT.  Look close or save the picture cause ya won't see him often.  He doesn't wanna get in the way of our blog. He was just SO happy about the operation.  Still, Id like ta see HIM wearing "The Collar".
But, yeah, that's him.  Hat, suspenders, and "old guy tan outfit with black socks".  At least he doesnt wear them with sandals.

I love him to death do us part, ya know?  I felt SO safe in his arms again!

OK, now ya may be squeamish.  Im not an TBT is not.  If ya are, dont read further.  Cuz Im showin ya MY BODY PARTS!  Yes friends, I demanded that they be brought home...

This is the "remnant" uterus" what got all infected with germs an stuff.  It should have been a bitty little stump an not connected to bloods.

And THIS is the ovary that has caused me so much grief for 3 years!  TBT thinks those little lumps are MY eggs!

Those 2 purple ones?  I don't know.  Mebbe they were "ripe".  But thats OK, there are so many kitties needing homes, I dint want to make more myself annyway.

But I thought, if ya wanted ta see, it was worth seein.  TBT says he is gonna save them in some stuff what keeps them safe so I can look at them later iffen I want.  I probly wont.  But ya never know.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ayla Home

THE BIG THING:  Well, I brought Ayla back to the vet again this morning.  Its OK!  It was for observation and removing the pressure bandage.  She came home early afternoon, and slept most of the rest of the day.  So did I.

Marley and Iza were concerned by her new absence.  They stayed quiet most of the day just watching and waiting.
Marley watched the inside of the house...
Iza watched outside.
When Ayla got home, I went searching for the inflatable collar to replace the plastic Elizabethan Cone.  I looked everywhere, but couldn't find it, so I went out and bought a new one.   Here is a front view.
And a side view.  It seems FAR more comfortable than the cone.  In fact, the couple of times I glanced in the door while she was sleeping, it seemed to make a rather good pillow!
Iza and Marley came right over to greet her.  Marley has actually been quite friendly while she was in the MewsRoom the past few days.  He stayed near the door many hours and talked to her under it.  Just constant little quiet "merfs" to let her know he was there...  I heard her near the door talking to him on a few occasions, too.
He even gave her some head kissies and friendly sniffs.
Ayla is much more alert and active than yesterday.  Last night she just sat in a corner looking miserable.  Tonight, she was pacing around and happy to get out of the room.

I think I will be able to post about the positive aspects of the various visits tomorrow.  For now though, we are both going to make an early night of it...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ayla Is Home

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Ayla is home, is OK, and that we are both going to bed!  Thanks to everyone for the purrs and good wishes!!!

Mark and Ayla

Houston, We Have A Problem...

TBT:  I just got home from the 24/7 emergency animal hospital at 12:30 am Wed.  Ayla is in trouble, but stabilized.

I went into the MewsRoom about 9:30 Tuesday night to give her some food, attention, and her first oral antibiotics.  She was very lethargic, but I kind of expected that.  I gave her head scritches to no response.  When I picked her up and held her, I realized there was blood on my hands and shirt.  Turning her belly up, she looked all red and lumpy.

I immediately called Dr Jeffrey's office and the recorded message gave me the number for the emergency hospital.  I called them to find where they where and thought I knew where they were.  I was wrong.  I found a 7-11 place and they knew the right location.  I was feeling desperate and Ayla wasn't even talking.

I finally got to the hospital 10:30 pm Tuesday.  They took her in right away.  But it wasn't all that good.  An HOUR after I was there, the onsite vet "proposed" putting a pressure bandage on her to stop the bleeding.  A fk'ng damn HOUR?  I wanted to punch him in the face for not doing that from the start!!!  And I'll have some words with Dr Jeffrey later today (Wed) about his sutures!

I cannot express how angry I am right now.  I was quizzed by the vet and staff about the exact medications prescribed and treated like an idiot for not knowing.  I understand why, but if you are away from the house do YOU know the names of the specific medications just prescribed and not even used yet?

You want to know the definition of a 24/7 emergency vet?   Someone who is WAY TOO  pathological to deal with normal pet problems in daytime hours!!!

Forgive me, I am LIVID ANGRY!  I could have driven home and back in 15 minutes and brought him the d*mn medications if they had just asked that at the start.  But they said I shouldn't leave.  I want to tear stuff apart and punch  a hole in a door.  ARRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!

But that would not help Ayla.  So I drove home after TWO D*MN HOURS of pacing around and called them with the info on the labels of the medications.  Which were unreadable.  After some "back and forth" attempts, he figured out which medications were prescribed.  His response?  "Oh, that's standard".   It took a quarter hour to figure THAT out?

I think Ayla is going to be OK.  But I also think she is about duct-taped together right now. 

They said she needed some blood.  DUH!  That's because she bled all over the carpet, my clothes, her PTU, and their office table before this guy had the SENSE to put a pressure bandage on her.  Apparently, severe bleeding is not a "biggy" in his world.

I am spitting mad about the whole thing.  And so wound up I don't know where to turn.  It is so hard.  I am grateful they exist 24/7, but livid at the poor treatment protocols.

I can live with the extra $850.  Anything for Ayla.  But she could have died in their custody (and she might) and the only next question would have been "mass cremation or single".

And I'm not kidding about that.  A guy brought a dying (maybe dead) dog in while I was there, and that's what they asked!  "mass cremation or single".

They say Ayla is stabilized.  I can only hope.  But there was no where else to go.  I would like to get roaring drunk and sleep a whole day away, but if I don't call them in 5 hours they charge extra for "storage".

This has gone from one of the best days of my life to one of the worst...

1:50 am Weds

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At The Vet Today

AYLA:  I am writing this last night cuz I am at the vet "now".  An I couldnt very well post from there.  I am havin a surgery!

Warning, this may all be a bit gross. so ya can just bail an wait til later updates iffen ya want.  I wont blame ya a bit...

Still with me?  OK, your decision...

It all started Sunday affernoon.  I was standing on the noospaper while TBT was tryin ta read it, when he suddenly noticed some tan "stuff" comin out my backside.  I dint even know.  He thought I was havin a strange poop.  But, ta put this as delicately as possible, that wasnt where it was comin out.  It was the other place, OK?

So some stuff came out.  It fell on the noospaper.  He grabbed some soft tissues an cleaned me first, then the noospaper.  That happened several more times during the day.  I also left stains around wherever I sat.  My shoe rack sleepin towel an TBT's blankie need to be washed.  I kept lickin myself clean as I could, but it wasnt very successful.  TBT says it is NOT my fault, but I still feel kinna embarrassed about it.

I was at the vet the very FIRST thing Mon morning an stayed there all day!

Here I am at arrival. ..
I was good an stayed on the cold table.  It did help that TBT held an scritched me all the time.
Ya know what scares me there?  The walls are filled with drawings of kitties (and woofies) in various stages of being in parts!  Bones, muscles, innards!  The Beins even got names fer evry tiny PART of us!  I dint know anny of the werds, but I know what it means when there are werds an arrows pointin ta stuff.

Annyways, I got poked, prodded, squeezed, stabbed, needled, and they even took a picture of my insides.  They even stole my pee!  TBT saw the Xrays.  Well, at least I seem ta have GREAT bones!  When TBT came ta bring me home in the afternoon, the vet told him I DONT have bladder stones, or an inflammation of the bladder or kidneys.  So its not the "pee" parts of me what are in trubble.  But it seems I have some sort of infection problem (mebbe) related to the 2 bad spay jobs I got (from a differnt vet).

So Dr Jeffrey has ta go IN me and have a look around.  The bad news is that I get cut open down there AGAIN!  3rd time.  Thank COD I'll somehow manage ta sleep through THAT!  Im a GREAT sleeper apparently.  The good news is that he can probly find what is suddenly wrong with me.  The other good news is that he will be looking at the same place (since he is in there) to see if he can find out why I still go into heat after 2 spay operations.  You know, as long as he is all IN there, might as well.

Im thinkin this might all be worth it iffen he stops me goin into heat.  TBT an I have FULL confidence Dr Jeffrey will find an stop the inflammation.  The heat thing is less certain.  But mebbe I will score big from this problem an BOTH will be solved.

TBT expects to hear news about me around Noon EDT and will be picking me up about 4:30 today.  So there may be updates.

Wish me luck...


Dr Jeffrey just called and said Ayla will not only be fine, she will be double-fine!  First, he found the infection problem easily.  The original operating vet left too much of her uterus intact and it finally became infected.  He solved that.  Second, he says that almost her entire left ovary was right there in plain sight and he removed it.  The original operating vet missed it not once, but twice!  What an idiot!!!

So it appears that Ayla will not only be healthy again, but shouldn't go into heat any more.  She and I will BOTH be thrilled!  I can pick her up in about 3 hours.  Ayla doesn't realize it yet, but this is probably the best day of her life...  

UPDATE:  [AYLA - 4:30 PM]:  I am back home now, but feeling lousy an my tummy hurts.  And I have this awful cone on my head again!  TBT says I will be glad of this soon, but Ive heard THAT before.  So Im gonna spend a few days in the MewsRoom and just wait til I feel better.  I hope TBT finds that inflatable collar soon.  Its annoyin, but much better than this awful cone thing.  More tomorrow!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  Ive mentioned that we have been indoor kitties fer several weeks now.  Well, actally Iza is OK outside and I USUALLY am.  Its just that TBT thinks it is too hard on Ayla ta see us go out when she cant.  But Ayla is at the vet today fer observation and tests fer some sort of inflammation.  So we got outside!


I pounced on a spot where I saw some leafs rustlin a bit and there it was!
 I had fun lettin it go and catchin it again.
And again.
Iza came over ta see what was happenin an pawed at it too.  I told her it was MY mousie, so she sat back ta let me play with it.  She can get plenty of her own.
 I kept bringin it onto the lawn ta keep it away from mousie holes.
 Tap, tap, tap...
 After a while, it wasnt playin annymore...
So I ate it!  YUM!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  Im taking it SO easy today I am ignoring the stuff TBT is puttin on me as I chillax on his lap...

Hope ya hadda EASY day too!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dangling Part (iciples?)

MARLEY:  I am spending the day relaxing.  Im high up.  I like ta drape over the edges of the cat tree platforms.
Sometimes I just like ta suddenly spread all my toesies apart.
Then relax them again...
No, Im not being rude.  I was just trying ta cover my eyes from the flashy.  I wasnt fast enough.  An my paw isnt big enough annyway!
Besides, it didnt go off!  MOL!

Friday, July 22, 2011

About The Litter

Marley:  I mentioned Wensday that I thought TBT was sellin our used litter an gettin green papers fer it cuz Ayla told me so.  Instead, TBT has to PAY to get rid of our "stuff".  I am SO embarassed!!!  She was having a joke on me.  *SIGH*

She does that sometimes.  So does Iza, but mostly Ayla.  But she seemed SO SINCERE an matter-of-fact about it this time, I fell for it.  I cant WAIT ta be a real MANCAT next month an be smarter about things like this!!!

I gotta get her back GOOD fer this one.  Cuz, indirectly, she tricked ALL of us.  Any ideas?  I need a really "grown-up" trick to play on her.  Mebbe I'll save it fer my 1st birthday August 16th!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

No Garden Tour Thursday!

IZA:  It is 100 degrees F out today and HOT AS HELL, so, quite frankly, I'M not going out in it an I wont ask ya to either.  TBT went out ta pick some beans, an he came in drippin in 10 minutes!  He knew the forecast, so he went out last evening an watered all the plants, so they are OK.  Better him than me, ya know?

So, instead, we are doing a "Golden Oldies" of cooler times ta make us all feel more comfy in this HOT HOT weather!.

This is me out in a huge snowfall 2 Winters ago!  It was actally nice out there.  I enjoyed the coolth!

The Burning Bush from last Fall.  A good reminder of the nice days neither too hot or too cold.
 The Daffodils from this past Spring.  Those were nice days too!
 Some Tulips from Late Spring...
And the daylilies from Early Summer...  The last of the really nice days.

Hope that helped us all feel a bit cooler than the outside temps fer now.  I am told it will be a BIT better next week, but this IS the HOTS part of the year here.  We'll see.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Trash Day!

MARLEY:  TBT went on a real tear yesserdy an today.  Mowed the lawn, bought new gas for the noisey machines, and empties the garage.  Yep. 18 buckets of our litter.  I hadn't seen it happen before,  Ayla nudged me an said "come with me ta the basement an watch this".  She knows stuff, so I did..

He filled the entire noisey machine with our poops an pees!  I WONDERED what he did with all that.  I was thinking he buried it out back!  Huh, who knew? 

Well Ayla did.  She seen it happen before.  She says he brings it to a place where they make new litter of it an gets lots of green papers for it an thats how he supports us.  Wow!

So THATS how he affords the noisy machine!  We gotta get in on that action.  We could get more toys an treats!  I mean, he sells it, we should get some back!

Just look!

We are givin it to him fer FREE!  We gotta get this right.  More treats, at least!

I gotta THINK about this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ayla's Bowl Question From Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  On Saturday, I showed a picture of our bowls, and asked ya ta guess which was mine.

Bowl #1 - No guesses

Bowl #2 - "no reason given" (1)

Bowl #3 - "because its completely empty/can stuff yer face an run around" (8), "no reason given" (2), "my bowl on right, Iza's on left" (1), "less food" (1)

All 3 - "cuz yer an energetic meezer" (1),"no reason given" (1)

Unspecified - "Biggest Bowl" (1)

I LOVED all the guesses, and specially the reasons for the guesses!   First, I gotta say it wasnt the unspecified "biggest bowl", they are all identical.  But I give that one an award for most BIG SMILES of the day an wildest unique guess!  Sometimes that werks; not this time.  MOL!

Second, it wasnt bowl #1. You were ALL right about that!

Third, it wasn't "All 3".  I would never deign to eat from a used food bowl.  I AM a Princess, after all.

Fourth, it wasn't bowl #2.

Fifth, so MY bowl is BOWL #3!  12 of 16 guesses were CORRECT!  I am impressed...  8 of you had it correct because I always lick my bowl clean!  When I am finished (and I eat fast), I do a funny little bunny hop an walk away.  And 1 of you were correct cuz ya noticed from past posts (I suspect, since ya also knew Iza eats on the left) that we each have our own positions; I eat on the right, Iza eats on the left, and Marley ended up in the middle after he arrived this year.

The "bowl #3, less food" answer was right but fer the wrong reason.  We each get the same amount.  I actally eat a little MORE than Iza and Marley (cuz I clean the bowl), but I just dont get bigger.  Its frustratin.  But I dont have worms or annythin.  TBT says I am warmer than Iza and Marley.  He IS worried I am "burning my candle from both ends".  But the vet says I am fine.

I cant tell the reasons for the correct bowl #3 "no reasons given", but I bet they had good reasons.  Sorry I dint think to ask for reasons for the guesses.  You were both as accurate as the others an bet ya saw the clean bowl as the reason.  Or the position of the bowl. OK Cats NAILED that part!  Gotta give them creds for that.  But most of you really got the CLEAN part right too.

Both were right.


Now to end this with a funny little story!  Las night, when TBT put the Stinky Goodness down, Iza an Marley were out of "position".  They both looked aroun an Iza started eatin from the MIDDLE bowl - Marley's!  He looked at the nice lonely left one, then to the accustomed middle one, and stuck his nose into the middle bowl Iza was eatin from.  Alas, TBT was too slow with the camera.  It wouldda been a GREAT once-inna-lifetime picture (sigh).  Viral if videoed?  Not sure, I dont know enough about that.  But it wouldda been record-setting HERE fer sure.  Watched over an over...

But Marley was more determined than Iza an she jumped back away to go to her usual left bowl.

(Ya know what I think?  Im not sure what happened, but I think their TONGUES touched briefly - ICK, ICK, ICK!!!)  I bet they dont make THAT mistake again!


Monday, July 18, 2011


We sleep weerd sometimes.  Usally, we dont want to touch.  But sometimes odd things happen.  Marley minds it least. Ayla minds it most.
 Serious Iza/Marley touchin.
 Iza/Ayla touchin...
 Close up!
An they continued unaware!
 Then Ayla an Marley...
 Ayla noticed an dint even mind!
Feliway works great here.  Things have been calmer the past few weeks since TBT got more of it.  It was really hissy an snarkey 2 months ago without it.  WE love it, you may not.

But just look at the picture above.  Ayla is 4 years old, Marley is only11 months.  Look at them both.  She is so small an he he SO BIG!  They get along SO WELL!  We will see if the effects last after the 6 month supply runs out.  MOL!