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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Houston, We Have A Problem...

TBT:  I just got home from the 24/7 emergency animal hospital at 12:30 am Wed.  Ayla is in trouble, but stabilized.

I went into the MewsRoom about 9:30 Tuesday night to give her some food, attention, and her first oral antibiotics.  She was very lethargic, but I kind of expected that.  I gave her head scritches to no response.  When I picked her up and held her, I realized there was blood on my hands and shirt.  Turning her belly up, she looked all red and lumpy.

I immediately called Dr Jeffrey's office and the recorded message gave me the number for the emergency hospital.  I called them to find where they where and thought I knew where they were.  I was wrong.  I found a 7-11 place and they knew the right location.  I was feeling desperate and Ayla wasn't even talking.

I finally got to the hospital 10:30 pm Tuesday.  They took her in right away.  But it wasn't all that good.  An HOUR after I was there, the onsite vet "proposed" putting a pressure bandage on her to stop the bleeding.  A fk'ng damn HOUR?  I wanted to punch him in the face for not doing that from the start!!!  And I'll have some words with Dr Jeffrey later today (Wed) about his sutures!

I cannot express how angry I am right now.  I was quizzed by the vet and staff about the exact medications prescribed and treated like an idiot for not knowing.  I understand why, but if you are away from the house do YOU know the names of the specific medications just prescribed and not even used yet?

You want to know the definition of a 24/7 emergency vet?   Someone who is WAY TOO  pathological to deal with normal pet problems in daytime hours!!!

Forgive me, I am LIVID ANGRY!  I could have driven home and back in 15 minutes and brought him the d*mn medications if they had just asked that at the start.  But they said I shouldn't leave.  I want to tear stuff apart and punch  a hole in a door.  ARRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!

But that would not help Ayla.  So I drove home after TWO D*MN HOURS of pacing around and called them with the info on the labels of the medications.  Which were unreadable.  After some "back and forth" attempts, he figured out which medications were prescribed.  His response?  "Oh, that's standard".   It took a quarter hour to figure THAT out?

I think Ayla is going to be OK.  But I also think she is about duct-taped together right now. 

They said she needed some blood.  DUH!  That's because she bled all over the carpet, my clothes, her PTU, and their office table before this guy had the SENSE to put a pressure bandage on her.  Apparently, severe bleeding is not a "biggy" in his world.

I am spitting mad about the whole thing.  And so wound up I don't know where to turn.  It is so hard.  I am grateful they exist 24/7, but livid at the poor treatment protocols.

I can live with the extra $850.  Anything for Ayla.  But she could have died in their custody (and she might) and the only next question would have been "mass cremation or single".

And I'm not kidding about that.  A guy brought a dying (maybe dead) dog in while I was there, and that's what they asked!  "mass cremation or single".

They say Ayla is stabilized.  I can only hope.  But there was no where else to go.  I would like to get roaring drunk and sleep a whole day away, but if I don't call them in 5 hours they charge extra for "storage".

This has gone from one of the best days of my life to one of the worst...

1:50 am Weds


  1. owhhh...we really2 hope that everything will be ok for Ayla.

    hugs and kisses,
    MQ, BoBo Salem, ChaCha, Sachiko & Kochie

  2. Oh no! What an awful, awful experience for you and Ayla to go through. I don't why those emergency pet clinics can be so iffy sometimes - they should be better at urgent care than the day places. I am sending Ayla lots of purrs to get through this - and purrs to you too. It's so upsetting, but you need to be able to be there for her.

  3. Very upsetting when you think you are not getting the best care for you loved one. Please keep us updated as we will be checking in often. Rant as needed. Prayers fur Ayla and you.

  4. Wow, so very sorry to hear that this happened. We will send you and Ayla our biggest purrs and prayers. Our best thoughts for Ayla for her complete recovery with ease.

  5. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. I'm appalled the vets were so incompetent. No wonder you are angry ~ I would be livid too. Thank goodness dear little Ayla is going to be OK though ~ that's what counts ~ but it's no thanks to them.

    (((((hugs)))) Jan xx

  6. PS: Milo and Alfie are sending get well purrs too!

  7. We have our purrers on extra high right now. We will be thinking of you and checking back in. We know how hard it is on all of you, but TBT, we know you are extra worried because you have to deal with all the knowledge of what's going on - Ayla just needs to concentrate on getting well, and Marley and Iza, you help by purring on TBT and keep him comforted.

    Cody and Gracie

    Mark - I will be thinking of you and Ayla - I know how hard it is on the daddies and moms who have to spend so much time worrying. Tara

  8. Mark - I feel for you. Certainly a very rant-worthy situation. I hope you do take it up with your usual vet as it appears at this stage as though he wasn't thorough enough in the first instance and then he referred you through to a service that might well be technically competent, but clearly doesn't understand thing one about managing the human beings. Surely every pet owner who finds themself in a 24/7 emergency vet clinic is going to be in significant distress about their pet. The vet should understand that making the effort to reassure the owner, provide useful information, and do everything within their power to improve the situation for the animal must go with the territory! Please keep us updated on Ayla's progress. I'll be thinking of you.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. We are so sorry to read this, we thought all was okay. Poor Ayla! Poor you! We're sending you both our loudest purrs and sending up purrayers she will be okay. Paws crossed.

    The mom's had one experience with the emerg clinic here, back in February with Annie, and wasn't impressed with them at all. Maybe it was just that particular vet and tech. But she didn't get a feeling they were really on the ball. :-(

    Your regular vet...Well, the mom's not impressed with him right now either.

    (((Hugs))) and kitty kisses.

  10. Hell Mark, we are sorry you experienced how crappy the ER vet was. We are sending large purrs for Ayla and for you. We would happily pee on the face of the useless ER vet for you, but for now we will just keep up the purrs and hope Ayla stays stable.

    Gerry & Oliver

  11. Holy crap!!! What an idiot! I can't believe there are vets out there like that! I know there are I just don't understand why they chose that job, the money? They certainly don't really have the care of animals on their minds. I am so sorry that happened and I hope Ayla is stable and can come home soon. What a tragic twist to such a great day!

    We'll be thinking of you all,
    {hugs} Danica

  12. DAMN! WOWZA! This makes me as spitting mad as TBT! Holy carp, Mom and I hope Ayla will recover soon. We are sending you best wishes, positive thoughts, and lots of purrs and hugs.

    Millie & Mom Lynne

  13. Mark, Mom read your post, and she was extremely angry too ! You don't need to say sorry at all. But now we are so worry about Ayla.

    I send s to of purrs and prayers to her, and do extra paws crossed. I hope she is o.k.

    Hugs to you

  14. Oh my, oh my, I just saw this post, and we would all be very angry too. We all have our purrs going and everything crossed for sweet Ayla.

  15. Keeping you and Ayla in our prayers.

  16. Ohhhh noooo TBT, we are so upset to hear this about Alya, especially after your optimistic post yesterday. We are purring and purraying for her extra hard, and for you for having to deal with the gross incompetence of the emergency vet ... it makes us hissing mad too!!!! Please get better, Ayla ♥
    Love and hugs,
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan

  17. TBT, we are purring and purring and purring non-stop for our furriend Ayla. We were so excited yesterday at all the good news...and now we put all of our energy into purring for her and for you to stay focused on Ayla and her recovery.

    She has been through so much and we are sending our most positive and healing energy her way.


    Cory and family

  18. We're purring for Ayla. As for the.. "Vet". He's in the wrong line of work.

  19. Oh, no, what a horrible experience for Ayla and for you! Mark, I can understand your anger. Your main concern is Ayla and you've had a serious scare. So sorry this is happening. I pray Ayla has stopped bleeding and is doing better this morning. Will be thinking of you.


  20. We hope Ayla will recover soon, Purrs & Prays for Ayla and Mark.

    jay boy
    capu from Singapore

  21. Oh your poor sweet little Ayla she's been through so much!
    We are purring our hardest for her that she will be ok and that her innards will heal quickly. -SS&S

    Will check back for updates.
    Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers today. -Lynne

  22. I am so sorry you had to go through all that, both of you! I have been a vet tech since 1972 and also managed a large practice in Oregon. I cringe at the language and lack of compassion many staff and veterinarians show to their patients and clients. I hear the same oftentimes when I have to call another practice for records or information. I know it comes down to poor training, but also due to keeping 'dead wood' on staff as good help is so difficult to find. I know when I moved here in 2001 and began my job search, I interviewed at 18 hospitals in 2 weeks and I am not boasting to say every practice wanted me. I am good at what I do and am proud of that. I so hope that Ayla pulls through this latest of female troubles and can get back to healing and feeling better soon! We are purring loudly for her and you!

  23. Oh we are purring hard for Ayla. We hope you have better news now that it is morning.

  24. That is simply appaling. Why it's beyond the brains of some vets that owner care is as important as pet care, I'll never understand.

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, I truly am.

    I'm also amazed you're restrained enough to not name and shame them too. Blogs have a LOT of power on the search engines nowadays.

    Anyway, most importantly is Ayla's health. We're all sending super purrs for her to fully heal and get better.


  25. We were stopping by again to check on Ayla. We are purring for her.

    Cody and Gracie

  26. Oh no. What a terrible, skerry thing that happened. I am so sorry that you and Ayla had to go through this. Harley and I are purring, purring, purring for Ayla to recover quickly. We are going to check back again later.

  27. We are sending our most POWERFUL purrs to sweet Ayla. I feel your anger and fear for your channeled the anger into insisting on good care for her and you can address their bad perforamce when she is well again.

    Poor Ayla! Poor TBT! Purrayers for all of you. Please keep us updated if you can. We'll be back later.

  28. What a terrible experience you had and no wonder you were so mad as the treatment you got was appaling. The good thing is that little Ayla will be ok. Bless her she has been through so much. Hugs GJ xx

  29. TBT, Ayla and you have been our minds ALL day. Wanted to stop by again to check on her status and we are sending more love and ((((hugs)))) ...

  30. Stopping by again, hoping for an update. Continued purrs, purrayers and universal Light.

  31. OMG. Mark, I am crying right now, this is absolutely horrible and terrifying! I connot see how someone could care for animals without any empathy whatsoever, it's WRONG.

    Prayers for Ayla, and you. I think the time for a stiff drink is coming...after you get you little girl home. Can you transfer her to your regular vet?
    Please keep us updated...

    And I'd mention to your vet the terrible standard of care at the ER vet; maybe he can do something at a professional level.

  32. Oh no!! How horrible an experience for you and Ayla!! We will keep purrring for her and you!!
    Your TX furiends,

  33. Oh, NO!!!!!!!!! How awful. We are purraying for Ayla, and our mama sends cyberhugs to her mama.


  34. Hey, if you can't vent to other cat lovers, who can you vent to?! After Ayla is better and home again, you should talk to the head of that emergency clinic. There's no excuse for not even putting a bandage on her! Also, talk to your regular vet about what happened.

    We're all sending extra purrs for Ayla to get better soon.

  35. We are sending industrial-strength purrs and purrayers for sweet Ayla.
    KC made a badge for Ayla... it's on the Cat Blogosphere and on our blog. Everyone, please post it in support.
    And please keep us updated.
    Love & Purrs,
    Mom ML & KC & Kitties

    pee ess: There is no excuse for the way you were both treated. My cats said they will happily poop on their pillows or trash their homes or both.

  36. Mark,
    WE are purrin' fur Ayla and youuze too.
    What iz up wit da eeemergent vetsez? Da Momee here sez dats dey were charged 1,010 green paperz when da Maxie waz sick lasted year & dey missed dat he hadz a infexshun on hiz eggstraw toe. It waz hgher up on hiz leg & suppozedly dey checked evfun when da momeee reeminded dem of hiz eggstraw toez.
    Ayla iz a strong gurl cat & she will come through dis. & you musty get some rest & leeve da purrin' up to da catsez of da CB.
    Dr TWeety

  37. That is just horrible. I have never heard anything so bad. Poor Ayla. We are sending all the strongest purrs we can send and have asked the donkeys to cross their hooves for you Ayla. We certainly understand you being so darn mad. Our Mom would have been screaming at some point. We sure hope she gets all right. Keeping our paws crossed for you.

  38. Sending all the purrs and snuggles we can muster for Ayla and you. Sometimes, stupidity is obvious and sometimes it's just hidden. Hoping your regular vet can see Ayla and double-check that everything is stitched up properly this time.
    Purrayers being said in Illinois!

  39. Stopping by again to see if there is an update. We are worried sick.

    We are continuing our most healing and gentle purrs for our furriend Ayla.

    Cory and family

  40. Oh poor Ayla...she has been through so this! The ER vet needs to learn how to better treat his patients and their owners. We are so sorry you and Ayla had to be put through all of this. Inexcusable!

    We are purring very hard for Ayla and hope she will be okay and makes a speedy recovery.

  41. We are just stopping by again to see if there was any news. Purrs.

    Cody and Gracie

  42. Storage? STORAGE??!! That is Molotov-cocktail-through-a-window turf!

    Purrrrrring that Ayla recovers soonest, with no more problems.

    Storage! GEEZ

  43. oh, honey-pie, we sends the most tender an' lovin' purrs an' purrrayers for sweet ayla, an' fur you, dear TBT.

    an' we sends the blackest of curses upon the flea-brained lackwits that haff caused you to come to this heinous pass! may sekhmet shred their balls an' eat them!!! may she send pestilence upon their famblies. may ... but we digress. nuthin' but peace and love is on their ways to you and your purries, dear. we purrs an' purrrays earnestly that ayla is soon up and around, in health an' happiness.

  44. We are so sorry! This latest news is just beyond outrageous! Is there a competent cat vet where you live? I don't know if you trust Dr. Jeffrey after the results of the surgery. Are they doing more than applying compression bandages?

    Sending healing energy and purrs to beautiful Ayla ...

  45. We were just checking back to see how your girl was doing. We hope that she is okay and things are looking up. Purrs.

  46. I was so upset and flustered after reading your post, it took me ten minutes to find the comment link!

    OMC--poor Ayla and poor you, for both of you to go through such incompetence and agony. Where do they get these people? Hugs, purrs and prayers are going to be headed your way 'til you have good news for us!


  47. Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear this!!! My boys are sending their best healing purrs to Ayla and I have my fingers crossed she will recover fully.

  48. We feel so sorry for your poor kitty. We hope that she gets well quickly.

  49. Oh Mark,
    I'm so sorry to read what you and Ayla went through. There is no excuse for such incompetence. I'm so glad you didn't lose her. I try imagining myself in your situation and I shudder. I would have freaked out by just finding her that way. Where I used to live there was a terrific emergency hospital. NOw that I've moved, I'm thinking maybe I need to research my options. Maybe this can be a wake up call for those of us who have more than one emergency hospital to chose from (who haven't used them before) to check things out. Please just take care of yourselves and your sweeties.

  50. Goodness!!! Mark, you have every right to be spitting mad!! An ER Vet should be competent and compassionate,not just a place that gets to charge more for working after hours!!!!Your regular Vet must be held accountable too!
    We all love our fur babies and want(demand) the best for them. I, and the kitties, will be praying that dear Ayla will be OK. She certainly has been through a lot!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JoyJoy and mom Nancy

  51. Oh, that's terrible! We are so sorry you've had such a bad experience with that incompetent vet, and that Ayla has had to suffer because of it. WE are purring and praying for you both, Mark.

  52. We are purring hard for Ayla! What a terrible experience!!

    If the emerge clinic cannot do better then they should not be in business at all.

  53. We are so very sorry to hear about the treatment given to Ayla and we can only pray for her and you. We completely understand your feeling of helplessness and we will keep both you and dear sweet Ayla in our prayers and purrs.


  54. Poor Ayla and poor Mark. I hope Ayla gets through this okay. I think vets should be like surgeons for people. There is a 24-hour phone number you can contact your vet or a vet on call that can see your pet if needed. I hope tomorrow brings a brighter day.

    Mom Paula

  55. Oh Dear God. Poor Ayla!! I'm so so so sorry! I'm praying so so hard

  56. Good grief what a bloody mess! You are right to be angry and it must be infuriating to know that you have to be calm around Ayla as she'll be sore and scared poor baby. We're sending you big purrs and hope she heals fast. And that you don't explode like a pressure cooker :-)

  57. We are checking in & feeling scairt. But pleeeeeze Ayla, pleeeeze gets better.

  58. Hey Mark and Ayla
    We heard about your problem from another site and just wanted you to know we are hoping for the best for dear Ayla.

    I think it is time to find a new vet who handles his emergencies and does the surgery right the first time.

    I searched long and hard to find the vet for my babies and went thru a lot before I found him.

    Good luck I hope you find a trustwor

    Whoops, I think I am ranting too.

    OK off the "Good Vet" pedestle. Just know you are being thought of.

    Get Well Ayla.....find calmness Mark.

    Bert and My Vickie

  59. Super huge purrs and hugs and prayers from us in Iowa tonight.
    So sorry to hear about Ayla's issues.

    We are mad about that V E T place too. Someone needs to yak in their shoes.

    The Cyclone Cats and mom

  60. I read about Ayla's plight from Brian's blog and rushed over right away. My heart is racing just reading about the whole ordeal. And I am SO MAD too at the vet!

    You have every right to be pissed mad with the vet but at this moment, the most important is to get Ayla fixed and well and HOME...SAFE. Period.

    I'll be coming back to check on Ayla's progress. Please hang in there.

    Much love and prayers for Ayla's healing and to you too.

  61. Oh my goodness, that is horrible! I can't believe the way the 24/7 place acted. I saw your post saying Ayla is ok - such a relief!!

  62. We are puraying for poor Ayla - mum couldn't believe a vet at that clinic could be so inept. The vets there sound like morons and obviously have little compassion for sick pets and their mums.
    We hope you get better news soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  63. Mark, I am so very sorry that you and Ayla had to go through such a horrible experience. You have every right to be hopping mad at them. I think the blood transfusion should be free because it might not have been needed had they been competent enough to bandage her right away. Herman and Emma are sending Ayla their best healing purrs.

  64. OMG Mark, I am so very sorry!! I am praying for you and for poor little Ayla. We will check back later for an update. Hang in there - we're all here for you! - Mary and The Meezers

  65. We're all purring and purraying that Ayla makes a speedy recovery.

    Frostin's Court

  66. We are so very sorry to hear this. Mommy does not have a very high opinion of ER vets as every time we have had to use the local ER vet he has misdiagnosed us. Mommy says about the only thing he is good for is keeping us alive long enough to get to our regular vet and if Mommy had access to the medicines she could do just as well. Not stopping the bleeding immediately seems really bizarre. And Mommy wouldn't have known the names of the medicines off the top of her head either.

    We are sending our best healing purrs to Ayla and comforting purrs to you.

  67. Mark, I'm purrin' as hard as I can, my friend. I think we'd all descend en mass upon that poor excuse for a human, much less a VET and commence to INSTRUCTIN' him. I'm mad with you. And STORAGE? There's nothin' but wrong with that whole operation.

    Please know I'm thinkin' of you and Ayla and waiting for good news.

    Angus and his Mum

  68. So sorry to hear this. er vets are needed but they are not always very good. Our local vet has created a sort of ER by staying open from 7am-11pm. It does help to know they are there for all those hours. Sending purrs for you and Ayla.

    Cats of wildcat woods

  69. Heard from Brian's Home that Ayla isn't well, so I stopped by to drop off some puppy prayers!

    Hope Ayla is feeling better soon. :)

    Woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  70. (((HUGS))) What a horrible experience! I can not believe how poorly everything was handled. We are so sorry. Sending hugs and purrs and purrayers and gentle slobbery dawg kisses for all of you. I hope you let your regular vet what happened - it certainly doesn't sound like they should send their after hour patients to that ER. And I'm definitely keeping my trap shut on the whole suturing debacle. I know you did what needed to be done with that. Please give Miss Ayla some scritches and love from us. We wish her a very speedy recovery.

    Titus, Tazo, EG, & The Mom

  71. What a nightmare!!
    We hope Ayla is better by now, and your vet has control of her!
    Sending many purrrs and get well wishes to her.
    ~ The Bunch


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