Thursday, August 04, 2011

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Well, Im glad ta be doing a Garden Tour again.  It feels like it has been a while!  Ya dint miss much, with the brutal weather and all the weeds, there wasnt much ta see.  But TBT did some werk an Mother Nature did some too.

First, I have this little container that had pansies in Spring.  They died out, but LOOK, they re-seeded.  In the HOT of Summer!  The other container with the same pansies is DEAD.
See them up close?  Happy little pansy faces...  It probly helps them that the deck is shaded all afternoon.
Now, lets head off the deck to the main gardens.  Im excited by all the stuff ta show.  See my "Happy Tail"?

Here is the better part of the garden.  TBT was out there weeding a whole day ta save these annual flowers from the weeds.  The plants on the edges are Stella D'Oro Daylillies.  They bloomed in June and are starting ta bloom again.  There might be a 3rd bloom in Fall.  The front row is clumping blue fescue, the next is wave petunias, the middle is a row of yeller marigolds, an behind them are clumps of red salvia.  There are some carnations between them, but they arent bloomin yet.  The back is purple coneflowers.  To the back sides are some tomatoes and some tall asters.
These are the wave petunias.  They will spread about 2' wide!
Take a close look...
There are 2 red striped ones, too!
I like these red salvia.  We had them as the front border last year, but they get kinna tall for the front.
The yeller marigolds are allus good, they can stand the HOT and they bloom a lot.
The perennial coneflowers did better last year.  But they been there a long time.  Mebbe they are gettin old!  At least they bloom all summer, which is unusual for a perennial.
The black-eye susans are blooming nicely this year.  This is NOT where they were planted.  They slowly spread over here where it is sunnier.  Then the ones in the shadier spot all died.  Well, as long as they are happy!
Here is a treat!  Two froggies in the little pond.   There are 3 goldfish in there too, but they mostly hide.
 The veronica are mostly done for the year.  They bloom from the bottom up, and most of these are near the top now (or all done).  TBT says he is gonna cut all the flowers off soon an see if they will bloom again.
Finally, we are gettin a few full size ripe tomatoes.  There arent many this year.  For some reason, the plants are all leggy this year with few blossoms.  Mebbe things will get better in September!
Moving to the shady area, here are a few of my favrit plants.  This one is a painted fern.  See the silvery/green leafs an the purple stems?
This hosta is 'Paul's Glory'.  We love the distinctive leafs.
We like this one a lot too.  It is 'June'.  The blue strips show up better  close up.  Some years the colors are more distinct!
Well, I hope ya enjoyed the garden tour.  Marley put out some treats and drinks up on the shady deck.  I dont know what they are yet, so lets go see.  Innerestin, Turducken, Eukanuba crunchies, some Pounce, an Meowgaritas!  Good werk, Marley...

IZA:  Edited ta add:  I SO MEANT to mention "Please feel free ta come on inside and say hello ta Ayla.  She would love ta show off her operation scar".


Brian said...

I think your garden looks great! Hey, let's go Marley pawty!

Fage said...

those striped flowers dont even look REAL!!! WOW

Prancer Pie said...

Great tour! I always wanted to try sum turduckn! Can't wait! Purrs.

Zeroichi said...

cute froggies! do they taste like chicken?

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Iza, That tomato has us green with envy. Ours are all deaded now.

And your pansies are so cheerful.

Thanks for the snacks Marley.

Ayla we hopes you are feeling OK.

Eric and Flynn said...

All your flowers are looking pretty Iza. We like pansies too. When our mum was little she used to call them Funny Faces. Good work with the snacks Marley. We hope Ayla is healing well.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I love visiting your garden - and the refreshments afterwards!

Fuzzy Tales said...

We really enjoyed your garden tour, are definitely impressed by your tomato! But we especially like those froggies...they look yummy. Heh.

We'd love to pop in and see how Ayla's doing!

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

So much going on in the garden right now!
We like the froggies best!! Mom likes the tomato! Yuck!
How clever of the panseys to reseed and come up again and those black eyed susans to march around till they found a place they like! But thats kind of spooky to think about!
We'd love to see Ayla and her scar. Glad she feels up to having visitors!

ABBY said...

Thank you for your garden tour, we really enjoyed it!

The Meezers or Billy said...

your garden looks better then our piles of weeds. the mom always plants stuff and then never has time to take care of it.

The Island Cats said...

All your flowers look great, Iza! We like the froggies in the pond. too!!

Sweet Purrfections and Angel Praline said...

What a great garden! Those tomatoes look delicious!

Mom Paula

Pee ess - I'm sure all of you were adorable as kittens!

Derby, Ducky said...

Good tour Iza, I got to take the week off and have hijacked the blog.


KnottedFingers said...

Yay pansies!!! My Petunias have been amazingky hardy this year!!! Standing up to insane temps and still thriving!

Mommy M and The Garrison

Derby, Ducky said...

Mum just picks up the big bucket and pours.