Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nap Interupted

IZA:  I was nappin happily...
Until the flashie camera woke me...
Then MY Lasers came on...

Sorry about that...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tummy Tuesday

IZA:  Its my favrit kinna tummy picture.  I just LOVE laying like this...  You think MINKS have soft furs?  Try THIS!
Rub my tummy, I love it...

I love havin my feets against a wall...

Ya know, I think I deserve a newer fancier mat ta go tummy-up on!

Sorry, I was rollin over here.  A little blurry...

Flashie dint go off...

Mr. DeVille, Im ready fer the camera now...

I don't even need treats fer doin this.  It just comes naturally...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Foiled Ambush

Ayla: I could smell Marley outside the bedroom door and figured he was gonna come in.  So I decided ta pounce him. I waited, but he dint come in.

So I hadda look ta see what he was doin.
So I waited again...
An waited...
An was prepared...
Then I looked out again an he was gone!
RATS!  I guess Ill just go sulk in the big doggie bed...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

Ayla stopped hissing at Marley, but she wont nap with him or groom him yet.  So we are offering these picture from last month that we dont think we used, to remind us of more peaceful times.  Until she gets over her fussin...


Saturday, November 26, 2011


MARLEY:  Well, things are really sad here.  Ayla keeps hissing at me an Im confoosed.  I assume she smells some Lucyfer furs on me.  I've licked myself clean as possible (and even Iza has helped), but evry time Ayla comes by an sniffs me, she hisses.  Seriously, she is ANGRY.

She won't nap with me, won't eat next to me, and won't use the litterbox near me.  I thought she was jealous of my trip at first, but thats not it now.  She treats me like an intooder cat!!!  Its not like it was MY fault I got a few furs on me.

She is normal around Iza, and Iza is normal around me!

TBT says I may need ta take a real wet bath!  I've never had one of those before.  They seem awful.  I'm not sure if that would help.  TBT took 2 showers and Ayla hisses at him too, still. An Ayla hasnt been on the bed, TBT's lap, or unner the covers since we got back.  She is being a total jerk.  But I want to fix things.  I would do annything!

Anny suggestions?

Friday, November 25, 2011

About Thanksgiving Day

MARLEY:  Well. let me describe my Thanksgiving Day visiting Lucy.  And this is long, cuz it was a Big Deal fer me...

Sadly, it was a 3 hairball day!  I dont mean literally, more as a "rating".  I was polite and dint cause anny messes.  But if that was a "date", I dont want another one!

1.  I dint realize what 2 hours in a PTU inna car was like.  Seriously boring except fer sudden movements that scared me on the way there and the same on the way back.  I dint have anny accidents an I dint scream or hollar (well 10 seconds twice, but thats not MUCH), but it wasnt fun!

2.  When we got ta the house, there were LOTS of Beins there all talking lot.  That was scary.  I never saw that many Beins all at once before that I remember.

3.  I stayed in the PTU fer about 15 minutes while Lucy came over and sniffed around.  I stayed politely alert and watchful, but quiet.  She hissed at me.  Many times!

5.  When Lucy settled down ta watch me from about 5 feet away, TBT let me out.  I crept out while lookin around, when settled down on the floor near the PTU.  Lucy hissed a few more times.

6.  Them we both sat there fer a few minutes until she walked away.  I dint get to offer her the squeeky mouse, the nip leafs, an I sure dint get to greet her much in anny way.  No sniffs, licks, or headbumpies at all.

7.  I found a corner ta sit in, out of the way of the Beins.  They were friendly, an I got lots of "oohs an ahhs", but I was nervous.

8.  TBT kept checkin on me and giving me some soothing attention.  A couple of the Beins talked to me nicely, too.

9.  Lucy came back and stared at me fer a while.  I hadda ask TBT to offer the mouse and Nip to her.  She sniffed the crushed Nip leaf an dint react.  She batted the mousie a couple times gently, then went up on her cat tower and stayed there...

10. I was in the eating room, so when all the Beins crowded around the table laffin an talking, I slipped behind the curtains.  After a bit, I got up on the low windersill and stayed there looking at the new sights outside.  That was nice!

11.  TBT offered me a little piece of turkey, but I dint feel like eatin.

12.  Lucy dint like TBT either.  He would go over to her on her cat tower, and she would hiss at him too.  She even raised he paws at him a few times.  I was shocked!

13.  Lucy is not a friendly cat!  Even her Beins call her "Luci-fur"!  Apparently thats a bad Bein.

14.  I was offered litterbox acess before we left, but I just "couldnt".

15.  I sure was glad ta get home!  But ya know what happened?  AYLA hissed at me.  Many times!  I swear, I never even got NEAR Lucy!  I guess I picked up some Lucy-furs!  She hissed at TBT too when she smelled his hands. 

16.  In fact, Ayla was SO mean, she told me there was a postcard from the Vet, an it has MY name of it!

17.  I dont think I wanna travel annymore, an no more dates, either... 

18.  Here are the better pictures. 
Lucy likes to guard her house carefully, along the edges fer safety an security.  I admire a careful cat who  snoopervises.  I am told she caught a SNAKE in the house once!
Lucy "greets" TBT before I even came in...
 In the PTU in the strange house...
I allowed Lucy to check me out thoroughly..,
 The closest we got...  It doesnt look it, but she is bigger than me.  Well, a lot of it is floof.  I was told she is a ragdoll.  But she is strong, too.
Exposed behind the hidey curtains after bein rejected by Lucy...
Lucy dint like TBT either.  That suspicious look says it all.
The best safe spot I could find close to the PTU.  And "yes", that felt like a safe spot.  I would have liked a towel or cushion, but corners are good.
She good at not lookin at the camera...
The closest we got to each other outside the PTU.
Me peeking out from behind the curtains.  They were very lacy, so I had to keep my claws in, an Im a good boy about that...
Lucy, Mistress of the stairs.
Lucy on her cat tower.
Yes, those are her real eyes!  I think its because she doesnt have sisal rope on the posts.  No really good aggressive clawing outlet.  We all know that matters and affects our moods!
This was her gift to me.  A little TOY Evil Skwerl!  That was SO thoughtful.  And, and, and, TBT left it behind by accident.  Waah!

So that was my Thankgiving Day date...  *Sigh*

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Off They Went

AYLA:  It feels kinna weerd seeing TBT an Marley goin off on a whole day trip.  Well, at least he isnt going ta the vet (but he will soon, I saw the card in the mail yesserday).  But there was no point tellin him about THAT yet.

Im not sure what Iza an I will do today.  Probaly whap each other a bit, play with toys, then spend the day on the warm bed.  I'll watch the birds from the bafroom window, I spose.  Damn its boring without Marley here!

But its kinna weerd them not being here all day.  Mebbe I SHOULD have gone along.  But it sounded kinna like a "date" fer Marley, so...

I guess Ill just sit her til they come back.  Marley promised ta tell me all about his trip. 

They should be back in about 8 hours.  Not that Im countin down the hours, ya know...  But Im pretty sure it is 8.  Mebbe 7 now.  It feels weerd...

I hope Iza wants ta be licked for 7 hours...  I think I better get off the puter...  Its gonna be a long day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thank You All

MARLEY:    OK. I read all yer advices.  So I will wear the fancy green collar, I have a new sqeeky mouse wrapped up as a hostess gift, and I have a small bag of fresh Nip leafs to go along with it as a bouquet. 

I am prepared to stay in the PTU for the 2 hour drive, I greet Lucy as she greets me, I give her my gifts, and hopes she likes them, an try to just "be myselfs".  Oh, I hope I can remember all that when I meet her!  Im feeling clumsy an stupid already! 

TBT promises ta help me get through this...  He BETTER!

I've esplained to Ayla an Iza that I will be gone all day for a visit.  Ayla is a bit distressed (not havin me ta lick all day). Iza just yawned an said "more room on the warm bed fer me".  TBT promised them some turkey an gravy, so I think they will be OK.

I'm tempted to suggest TBT bring Iza along, but she just moans in the car, so that wouldn't be a good trip.  Besides, Iza might be whappy with Lucy, an I sure dont want that! Ayla said she is jealous but DOESNT want ta be in the car that long.  So it seems OK all around that I go an they dont.

I'll let ya all know how it went when I get back home...

Im nervous!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankgiving Day Visit

TBT was invited to his Sisfur place fer Thanksgiving Dinner, which is cool fer him, but ya won't believe it; I was asked ta attend!

An there's a GIRLKITTY there...  (Lucy in D'skies with Diamonds).  Now, of course, I seen girlkittys before.  Ayla an Iza are girlkitties.  But their my sisters!  So I'm not quite sure what ta do.  Am I sposed ta kiss her cheek when we meet, or would a lick an a heatbumpy be more correct.  Or neither?  Oh, my tongue is dried up just thinking about it...

I am all aflutter, but I don't wanna do annything stoopid.  Should I wear my calm manly brown collar, or my snazzy bright green one?  Ack,  Ayla says I would look best in her Princess Bloo one....   Iza says Red is nice (no, even I know red doesn't look good on an orinj kitty)...

TBT says I should wear a Zorro cape...

I am thinkin mebbe I should arrive carryin a fresh rattley or sqeeky mouse as a gift...  But how can I compete with DIAMONDS???   Where can I get a real mousie?  And would she even LIKE one?  Ack!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

We got a great Easy Like Sunday goin here.  First, we sat on TBT 's lap an watched 2 cute movies.  Somethin about "Chance of Cheeseburgers", and "Up"!

And that was just getting the day started...

Then there was some science DVD (ta make TBT happy).  He liked that, though we mostly fell asleep.  That lasted til about 3 in the AM.

He wanted ta go ta bed, but decided he could sleep with us like this fer a while.
Hes gettin used ta that, which means we are trainin him well.
3 am is a great time ta sleep in a pile.  His legs are bit stiff when he wakes up again, but we dont mind that much.  He woke up again at 4-something, and decided to hit the computer before crawling into the big bed.  Naturally, we are all crowded into the room waitin fer big bed time...

But thats a great Easy Sunday start...

Saturday, November 19, 2011


We tend ta follow TBT all around the house (when we're awake).  If hes in the kitchen, we are all in the kitchen.  Iffen he goes to the computer, we are all in the computer room.  Same with the TV room,  basement, etc.

But sometimes he gets goin from one room to another carryin stuff around, puttin stuff away.  Back and forth, forth an back!  Its too confoosin ta figure out where he will be fer a while.

So we end up just sittin in the hallway, waitin fer him ta settle down SOMEWHERE!