Sunday, January 02, 2011

Thoughts on the New Year

Since the New Year is a good time ta reflect on last year and this new one, we thought we would reflect on our friends an visitors...

To the Friends we know who come by almost every day an leave comments, which of course, we love, we THANK YOU!

To the Friends who visit some days but dont always have time ta leave comments, we THANK YOU!  We know you are busy and it is OK.

To the Secret Friends who visit every day but never leave comments we THANK YOU!  You fascinate us and we are allus wonderin who you are.  We love getting the rare email every couple months that starts "I have been reading your blog for years and wanted to ask..."

To the Beins who visit us just once or by accident on some innernet search, we THANK YOU too!  We assume you were looking for info on something we wrote about an Google kicked us up on the top couple pages.  We hope ya found something useful.  We do that too, so we unnerstand.

To the Beins who leave spam, we do not thank you at all.  We wish we could personally feed you the contents of our litter box!

So, ta evryone we thanked, we really mean THANK YOU!  You make our days brighter and you keep us innerested in continuing the blog.

Ayla and Iza
and The Big Thing