Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Waitin For Dinner

IZA:  Its been a kinna quiet day so far.  We had Soulistic Chicken fer breakfast.  Its real good.  Its all real meat with a sauce an the chicked is in threads.  Then we had dry crunchies fer lunch.  We napped on the new kitty tree, then I went an sat on the deck outside fer a few minutes.

I can see a can of Max Cat Chicken and Lamb sittin on the counter.  So Im just waiting around fer dinner.  If I can bug TBT enough to get it soon, he will give us more just before bedtime.  He gets feelin guilty iffen it has been more than 6 waking hours without food.
Ooh, I wanned ta mention a neat thing he does (usually).  He sets the can inna bowl of hot water fer 10 minnutes so its a bit warmed!  He used ta do it only when it was a refrigeratored partial can, but he has been doin it with new cans lately...  YUM!