Thursday, January 06, 2011

Garden Thursday

There isn't annythin in the garden ta show, but we are still ecited cuz we been gettin gardening catalogs fer the past 2 weeks.

TBT is takin out his list of seeds and is going through it ta see which ones are gettin too old.  He has a system...

Its too complicated fer us, but he has details about it HERE  at his own bloggie.  Ya gardeners might enjoy readin about it.

Fer us, the big deal is in the results.  Oh, we admire his little plants inside (and snoopervise as he is doin it), but the portant thing is the pretty flowers and veggies.  Hmmm?  Oh of course we dont eat veggies.  But we dont eat flowers either (usually).    But we also hafta remember that some of the plants are NIP!  So we encourage his activities for prettiness AND personal pleasure.

Fer ezample, here I am examinin his seed collection.

And he is getting ready ta pot up 6 (SIX!) Nip plants from cuttings that he got to send out roots in a bottle of water.  Really!  We dont know how that werks an we dont care.  We're into the results side of the production line.

One thing that matters is that we're gonna start seein stuff begin ta grow next month (indoors at least), and that means the weather will start ta get better after that.  An we gotta admit it IS fun when he spreads seed catalogs out on the table and we can paw around at them.  He has a pen wavin in the air, fun ta bat at.  The new opened catalogs smell innerestin.  An we can really get his attention by sittin on all the papers he is trying ta write on.

C'mon Spring!