Friday, January 07, 2011

Werdy Friesday

Yes, we usually do Werdy Wensday, but this one was so good we couldnt wait...

It is, of course, a real Werd Verification Werd...

1.  Batio - Where the Batnip Lounge Bats hang out.  The Batio is a sheltered space where the 13  bats can fly around to their heart's content, safe from predators.  There are bookcases with holes to fly through,  multi-level bat trees with platforms and hoods, tunnels, tables, and batbeds to rest in! 

Every evening a jar of moths are released into the Batio for  treats as enjoyment.  There are colorful batpaths from them to crawl around on, a "batroom" where they can fly down and poop in the dry litterpool, and you can call them the  Batpack!

They're a Baker's Dozen of Fabulous Bats!