Sunday, January 09, 2011

Easy Like Sunday

We are just taking it easy taday on a spot where TBT says we have not napped together that he can recall. Its a chair in the bedroom where we both have napped alone often.  It has a bunch of folded blankies piled on it with a nice bloo pillow on the top.
It may be our LAST time, too.  TBT is reorganizin things.  He had the old CRT TV on a wood chest and the TV went away some weeks ago.  Now he finally moved the chest and will fill it with the blankies and other stuffs.  He says he will leave the pillow on the chair, but how can ONE MEASLEY PILLOW be as soft as 12" of folded blankies  (plus the pillow)? 

We are negotiatin with him about this.  So far, it seems like we have a deal where TBT will open the chest and cover the blankies with a sheet (that he can wash) and will open it one day per week for us to nap on.  We are holdin out fer 2 days per week.  He argues that our furs will make him wash the blankies more often than they would like.  What?  He lives in our furs everywhere!

[TBT:  The "blankies" are big fluffy comforters and are a real pain to wash.  I don't mind their furs at all personally, but my guests do a bit and the comforters are for guests who can't sleep well in my 68 degree house.  If Ayla and Iza press for 2 days a week, I am prepared to simply lock the chest.  At least, that is my initial negotiating position.]

Its partly a "change" thing.  We don't like changes!  Unless they are new cat trees or such.  But it was still a nice calm day.

Oh, it snowed a 1/2" here yesserday.  I (Iza) walked on it.  Pawprint pictures next time...