Monday, January 10, 2011


IZA:  It snowed couple days ago, but I am trying ta catch up.  Only a inch. like the last 2 times, but I went out init this time.  I hate walkin on snow.  Its both wet AND cold!

It seemed ta be all onna ground, so I hopped to bare spots like the boot scraper an jumped up the the tabletop.  That always seems clean.

AACK!  it had snow too.  In fact I skidded on the stuff...
On the other paw, it was innerestin ta see that some animal had walked on the snow.  TBT says those are birdie tracks.  I spose so, but its not like I ever pay much attention ta birdie feet.  They dont leave those shapes on the lawn and I dont eat their feet!
 And Im amazed ta see how often they walk around on our deck!  These were all over the place...
So I decided I should leave a warning ta the birdies that I was here too!  I deliberately walked on the stuff.  I found that if I walked fast it just pushed it flat.
But iffen I stood in one spot for even a short time, it vanished...!
This is, according to TBT, my "signature print".  Ill have to figure out a way to use this sometime.  Mebbe on next years Chrissymouse cards!

TBT was gonna take Ayla out to get her pawprints, but he decided it would be mean to let her out for only 10 seconds.  She is "that way" again...  The noise is evil.