Friday, January 14, 2011


IZA:  OH Bast I'm in trubble!  HELP!

THE BIG THING an we were rearangin furniture.  Part of it was so he could clean the computer desk an rearrange the computer room.  So the scanner was in the next room.  But also the livin room stuff.  An our kitty room was a good temporary spot fer stuff.  An he was strugglin-carryin this old easy chair from like 1976.  I was runnin arund his feet like usual.  And he is good at knowin that.

But while snoopervisin,  I ran right unner his feet.  Unner the wrong feet.
 Yeah, that isn't me, but it is the best symbolic picture I could find of the event...


He managed ta avoid stompin me, but he went all unbalanced cuz of it.  The alternative was I would get hurted, after all..  But the big heavy huge chair landed on the scanner.

BOOM!  The glass scanner base is all broken to Hellen Back!  He is seriously pissed.

How do I make this up to him?  I dont wanna give up treats fer a year...