Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hugo Visits, Part 1

We have a visitor!  There was a knock on the door an The Big Thing went an opened it.  It was Hugo, an he hadda box with him..
He said he had come up from South Carolina after visitin with Brian.  We were thrilled ta meet him.  TBT brought in his box an helped him up the stairs.  He said there were some things in the box for us. 

First, though, we made sure he was comfortable after his long trip.  So it was food time!
TBT knew he dint eat our kinna food, so he gave Hugo some veggies...
After lunch, TBT opened the box.

He found this.  It had souvanirs init.  Cool! 
These are the places Hugo has visited!
 And next we found these toys.  They are for US!  We were surprised by that...
 AND treats!  Those are more treats than we even seen in our LIFES!
 He really liked our cat tower!
He walked around on it in several ways.  TBT did have ta help him get from platform to platform (and back down).  Climbin is not his expertise...
We're gonna look at the treats an toys tomorrow.