Friday, January 21, 2011

Hugo Visits, Part 2

IZA:  Well, Hugo spent a few hours unner the blankies last night, a few ON the blankies,  an a few hours on the carpet by the bed.  He said he slept well.

Today we started ta get ta know each other better.  Hugo showed us the toys he brought and explained each one.

He said the yellow thing is a Nip Banana.  We had heard of those before, but never seen one.  It seems great!  The Pink/Purple/Bloo thing is a Kong Squiggle.    It looks greatly battable.  The little thing is a catnip fish. He says we should bat it around and specially play with the tails.  That all made sense ta us.
 I listened very closely.  Ayla was bein shy, so I will hafta splain it ta her later.
Hugo asked which one I wanned to play with first..  I pointed ta the Kong Squiggle!  He jotted that down in his notes.
The next few minutes were WAY too active to get pictures of...  Hugo enjoyed watchin me bat the Kong Squiggle around, so I really showed off my best moves.