Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Announcement

HUGO:  This is wonderful, I get to make a post!
 *Ahem*   "Beings and Cats and All Others, I have the rare pleasure of announcing something I have not witnessed before on my long travels. The Big Thing went off in the Noisy Machine after giving me a great lunch of Carrots, Spinach, and Apples.

When he returned, he was carrying something quietly into the Mewsroom!  I was the only one who noticed.  Ayla and Iza were nappin in the bedroom...

I have witnessed a new cat brought to his Forever Home!!!

Without further speechifying, I now introduce you to... Marley!"

5 PM MARLEY UPDATE:  Marley is getting used to me coming in and out of the Mewsroom.  He came out from behind the trunk where he had been napping.  I noticed all his dry food was gone and the litter box was used, so I brought more food and cleaned the box.

I sat down on the floor and he came over to me.  He likes my scratching techniques!  Well, that's been honed for many years, so he SHOULD!  But every kitty is a little different about their preferences.  I'm just learning his.

I'm an idiot!  I forgot to bring the camera in with me and I missed our 1st tummy roll!  He succumbed to my scritchies and went belly up.  I'll have to keep the camera in my pocket at all times...

I moved a ball in the RollerTrack, and he came right over and started playing with it.  He got the ball over the ramp the first minute.  Either he has some experience with it, or he is a genius.  Maybe both.  Anyway, I moved the ball around a bit, and he took over.  Like a Pinball Wizard meeting his 1st pinball machine (wow, does that date me or what)!

But he is SO comfortable around me.  Skeeter, LC, Ayla, and Iza all hid for the first day or two.  Marley is fearless!  I can just tell that his previous Being was a special lady.  More later...