Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hugo Visits, Part 3

THE BIG THING:  Wow, things sure are busy around here right now! 

 Iza asked Hugo if she could talk to him about "stuff".  He said "sure, c'mon up".

She politely sniffed his butt and hopped up..

She pointed out the nice sisal rope before she realized Hugo dint have cat-type claws.  Hugo politely did try some scratching.
Iza explained predator tactics.  "See I look one way and claw the other"...  Hugo was quite impressed!  Not being worried about cats, he was admiring of the technique.  Iza, in return, was admirin the large jaws and teeth of Hugo.
Iza asked "How do you protect yer behind from attacks"?  Hugo pointed out out that his skin was VERY thick.  Iza agreed that thin-skinned mousies were more her style...

 They committed to a peace treaty, sealed with a smooch.
  Iza discussed predator thoughts with veggie Hugo.  With demonstrative taps.
She apologized for bein a little forceful on that last tap.  But he's a hippo, he's tough.
 Then Hugo visited Ayla on the old platform tree.  She sniffed him and welcomed him to the home...
 They talked about many things.  Kings and cabbages, Pawns and things. Hugo likes Ayla.
There was a slight political debate, but they agreed to disagree civilly.  Ayla is a bit more Centrist than Hugo.
Then she asked him if he wanted to "settle down" with her for the night.  He did!  Both said it was the best rest either had it several days!


THE BIG THING:  I'm not sure how to handle all the pictures.  You can't have too many 1st Day pictures and I have  ton of them.  So I will have to pick some.  I guess they come in categories.  Exploring, eating, sitting, playing...

Exploring - Marley spent the first part of the day exploring the Mewsroom.  When Ayla and Iza discovered the door was closed, they were annoyed.  But when they detected odd smells under the door, they were glued there.  Marley spent time at the door too.

But he also explored around while I was in the room...  Around the cat tree, behind everything...

Eating - He is accustomed to a dry kibble diet, so I was worried it might be hard to get him used canned cat food.  HAH!  You should have seen him chow down on the canned stuff.  I had his Meow Mix in a bowl, and he ate that happily.  But when I gave him only a spoonful on the Stinky Goodness he went bonkers for it!  I waited an hour to see if he could "handle it".  He could.  So he got another spoonful.  He handled that just fine.  He ate a whole can tonight and his poops are just fine.     I think this is a very happy healthy cat.
 Clean bowls...
 Loving canned food...
 Seriously lovin the canned food!
 Enjoying company while eating...
 Even a smooch!
 Sitting - He can sit happily.  He found the tunnel part of the old cat tree and loved being in it. 
 Good place ta sit...
Playing - Oh he loves to play!  He is a RollerTrak Master!  I moved the ball once and he took right over, moving it over the ramp and around the trak!  I moved my fingers across the carpet and he pounced them!   I tossed a rattley mouse and he batted it around all over the room.  But the RollerTrak!!!

 He IS squirmy when held, but hey, its his first day here.  I'm not pushing it.  And he is anxious to come outside to explore the house.  He's not ready to meet Iza yet,  And maybe not Ayla.  As friendly as Ayla is, she sniffed the Marley furs on my shirt and hissed while I was typin this! 

So it will take a few days of spreading the various cat furs and smells around...