Friday, January 28, 2011

Marley Updates

THE BIG THING:  First, Ayla and Iza are satisfied if I write about Marley for a FEW days.  They understand "new".  And Marley is learnin about the computer and "Being language" from Iza (who is really good with it).  Iza says that, from his progress, it might only take a week.  That's good news to me; I want the cats to take back their blog as soon as possible.  It's THEIR blog, not mine.  I am just an occasional visitor.

I have some glamor shots for Marley already.  He loves the camera (or is it that the camera loves him?) but he is certainly photogenic!

Glamor Shots...

We had the first whole day without any growls or hissing yesterday.  Ayla seems to have calmed down.  Iza and Marley were already getting along well.  The Ayla test came last night when Marley was nappin behind me on the chair as I watched TV.  Ayla hopped up on the arm of the chair and was surprised to see Marley there.  But she didn't hiss this time.  And she stayed there a few minutes.

That's not to say that anyone will be curled up with Marley real soon, but that WILL happen.  I look forward with confidence to getting a picture of all 3 curled up together some day.

They all ate close together last night at dinnertime.  Pictures of that tomorrow.