Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Marley Speaks!

MARLEY:  This hard.  But I try.  Well, I be teached by Iza lots this week.  I unnerstand the werds now, but the keybrd tappin is stil triky.  But she sez I can tri a post.  Not know what ta say.

Good house.  They nice here.  Big Thing wunnerful.  Good scritchies, food, lap, bed sleepin.  Tosses balls aroun fer me lots.  Picks me up, but I don like that so much.  Lotsa food.  I hungry all day.  Get food all day.  Stinky food!  I had dry stuff alla timebefore, but Bast, this stinky food is SO GREAT.  I get it 5 timesa day.  And still crunchies too. 

Hugo was a great friend.  He talked ta me the first few days here and calmed me down.  I dint know he dint live here.  It was sad when he hadda travel along.  Seems Ayla, Iza, an Big Thing live here.  I like Big Thing.  He gives me lots attenshun.  Tosses toys to me.  He is great ta sleep on.

Iza is good too.  She been teachin me keyboard tappin, beggin fer treats, batting toys, cattree climbin, and hidey-places.  Ayla is trickier.  She grumpy sometimes.  Iza saysgive her a few days cuz she is "bothered".  OK. 

But she was OK today fer awhile an we actly wrassled.  She was gentle.  I wrassled Iza too, but she is too big fer me.  I thot I was winnin once but then she jus held me down with a paw.  She is strong.  An BIG!

Ayla is easier.  An gentler.  She turned me right over too, but let me plaay top cat breefly.
She kicks real hart!  But not ta hurt. 
I got top on her once!  She just shoved we off like nothin!  Wow!

She is WAY mor esperinced...  I mean, SHE can handle IZA who is TWICED our size.  I cant do that at alll.  I was hot stuf at the shelter games, but I gotta lot ta lern here.

But I gonna get bigger too. I be top cat here soon.