Friday, February 04, 2011


I am stunned! 

The Big Thing got up early this morning, got dressed, and forced me into the PTU for a drive.  I went to the vet AGAIN!

And he LEFT me there...

Soon, they gave me a shot and I started to feel sleepy.  My last thought was " Oh Bast.  Marley wasnt my new Brother, he was my REPLACEMENT"!!!

But then I slowly woke up again.  I fully expected to see The Bridge, but I was back in my PTU in the vet's office.  A lady there saw me waking up an she talked to me for a while.  That was nice.  My mouth felt funny though...

It turned out that they had cleaned my teeth!  The lady told me that it was unpleasant for me,  but important to help me keep my teeth all my life.  Well, I DO want to keep my teeth!  When TBT was allowed to come and take me home, the lady was cuddling an scritching me.  She was very good at it.  In fact, she likes me so much (because Im so little and cute), that she didnt want to give me back to TBT!

But she had to eventually, and I got home a couple hours ago.  TBT said he dint tell me in advance because he dint want me to be all upset beforehand.  I think he really means he dint want me to hide!

BTW, thats what the extra shot was for yesserday.  They needed my BLOOD to make sure it was safe to anesitize me today.  I'll try ta remember that for next time!