Thursday, February 10, 2011

Opposite Day


Watching both Ayla and Iza as I do (often on The Big Things lap), Ive learned a good bit about their habits.  I decided today was Opposite Day.

Ya see, Ayla sleeps in the bedroom much of the daytime, and spends most of the night time wandering around the house (and walking all over TBT) and making Meezer Merfs.  She comes out mostly for meals an a little attention. 

So when I saw her usin the new scratch pad in the daytime, I decided it was the opposite of her normal habits. 
The new scratch pad, BTW, is one of those EmeryCat Boards.  It came with Marley.  Marley never uses it, but Ayla likes it better than the cardboard scratcher she has been lovin on for 2 years or the sisal rope on the cat trees.  Ive tried it a couple times, but Marley an I agree that nothing beats sisal rope!  Marley does LOVE the little fuzzy thing on the stick that attaches to the EmeryCat Board if it is swooshed around like a wand toy.  He can turn in circles amazingly fast even onna wood floor.

Marley, on the other paw, is active almost all day (just a few naps).  So when I saw him really sleepin in the middle of the day, I decided that was HIS part of Opposite Day.  I think he slept there almost 3 hours!

Me?  I dint do anything opposite today.  Thats why IM the one writing this...